Torrie Wilson partner

Torrie Wilson American professional wrestler, model, fitness competitor, and actress. Torrie Wilson is celebrating a huge milestone, ... Now, having found her business groove (she creates training programs geared mostly to women over 40) and her perfect partner (she met her now-husband Justin just two and a half years ago), Torrie is living her best life; one in which daily sweat sessions and balanced eating are a must, and ... Eddie Guerrero & Torrie Wilson & Sable & Dawn Marie Segment SmackDown 08.05.2004 On 24-7-1975 Torrie Wilson (nickname: Torrie ) was born in Boise, Idaho, United States. She made her 5 million dollar fortune with World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE Diva. The athlete, actress & model is currently single, her starsign is Leo and she is now 45 years of age. Recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee Torrie Wilson has tied the knot with her partner Justin Tupper. Wilson, 44, married Tupper, the CEO of Revolution Golf, at a private ceremony in Sedona, Arizona, which also featured their dogs. Torrie Wilson was parried to partner Justin Tupper (CEO and founder of Revolution Golf) in Sedona, Arizona yesterday. The WWE Hall-of-Famer posted the following to her Instagram page:- Advertisement Torrie Wilson has had an encounter with Alex Rodriguez (2011 - 2015).. About. Torrie Wilson is a 45 year old American Model. Born Torrie Anne Wilson on 24th July, 1975 in Boise, Idaho USA, she is famous for WWE Diva, Her relationship with Alex Rodriguez. Take a trip down memory lane and recall the beautiful women that escorted Superstars to the ring over the years, including Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Miss Elizabeth and more! In order to get Wilson to agree to the tryst, however, she needed to first seduce Torrie's father, Al. When Wilson understandably was embarrassed her father was dating one of her coworkers, how exactly this would entice Wilson to sleeping with Marie is a mystery. This hardly stopped Vince McMahon, though, who likely enjoyed the idea quite heartily. Ric Flair and Carlito (w/ Torrie Wilson) vs. Chris Masters and Kenny Dykstra. TheWomensWrestlingRevolution. 6:39. Ric Flair and Torrie Wilson vs. Carlito and Victoria. TheWomensWrestlingRevolution. 6:27. ... About us What’s new Help Center Jobs API Become a Partner.

WWE Survivor Series 2005

2020.09.02 14:37 GingerBeamieBoi WWE Survivor Series 2005

WWE Survivor Series 2005
Brand Supremacy dominated the night with two HUGE matches! RAW and SmackDown presented WWE Survivor Series!
To open the show, Stevie Richards defend the United States title in an Open Challenge, which was answered by the returning Kurt Angle! Richards got the win and walked away as still United States Champion
Following that, recent tag partners Rey Mysterio and Jushin Thunder Liger battled it out, with Mysterio picking up the victory
The first Classic Survivor Series match of the night saw Team Stevens (Chase Stevens, NOSAWA, Nunzio, Super Crazy and Nigel McGuinness) defeat Team London (Paul London, Spanky, The Hurricane, Chavo Guerrero and Billy Kidman) with McGuinness winning the match for his team as the sole survivor
That was followed up by the second Classic Survivor Series match of the night as Team Torrie (Women's Champion Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Molly Holly and OVW stars Beth Phoenix and former OVW Women's Champion Daffney) defeated Team Hemme (Christy Hemme, Lita, Victoria, Candice Michelle and OVW star LuFisto), with the Women's Champion being the sole survivor
Charly Manson retained the Cruiserweight title over Yoshihiro Tajiri
RAW Tag Champions Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels overcame SmackDown Tag Champions, and First Family members, Jun Kasai and CM Punk in the match of the night
AJ Styles retained his Money in the Bank Briefcase, with a win over Ultimo Dragon. Not only did he keep hold of his briefcase, but the stipulation of the match meant that Ultimo Dragon was forced to unmask
In the main event, Team RAW proved their supremacy as a brand as they defeated Team SmackDown, with World Heavyweight Champion Abyss and Sinn being the sole survivors. Sinn pinned former stablemate, and Intercontinental Champion Steve Corino, to win the match for his team
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2020.08.12 03:54 GingerBeamieBoi Running the Gauntlet

Running the Gauntlet
After winning a battle royal the previous week to earn a World Heavyweight title shot at Vengeance, Chris Benoit is forced, along with partner Edge, to defend their World Tag Team titles in a Gauntlet match. They almost ran it, until Edge got sick of Benoit always getting the winning fall, turning on him during their final match against Scott Steiner and his returning brother, Rick, costing them the tag titles and turning heel in the process. Also during this show, Shawn Michaels overcomes Mark Henry in a No Disqualification match to retain the World Heavyweight title and Torrie Wilson wins the Women's title for the first time, defeating Lita!
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2020.06.06 22:58 Creme_Eggs Wrestlemania 22 - Rebooked

Wrestlemania 22: Big Time
I have nine matches on the card, mostly the same with some changes, the Playboy Pillow Fight between Torrie Wilson and Candice Michelle is scrapped, I considered keeping it in as a bathroom break match but realised the card would be too long, and the match could be easily done as a backstage segment with celebrities or legends in a locker room/bedroom setting if need be.
Booker T/Boogeyman is also scrapped as that was ultimate filler and was also done at Saturday Night's Main Event I believe, instead I added Booker to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and Boogeyman can be part of a backstage segment were he's better utilised imo.
WWE Championship: John Cena(c) vs Triple H (Time: 22:02)
World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton(c) vs Rey Mysterio (Time: 17:28)
No Holds Barred: Mr McMahon vs Shawn Michaels (Time: 18:22)
The Streak: The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle (Time: 29:38)
WWE Women's Championship: Trish Stratus(c) vs Mickie James (Time: 08:48)
Hardcore Match: Edge vs Mick Foley (Time: 14:36)
WWE United States Championship: Chris Benoit(c) vs JBL (09:48)
Money in the Bank: Shelton Benjamin vs Rob Van Dam vs Ric Flair vs Carlito vs Matt Hardy vs Bobby Lashley vs Finlay vs Booker T (Time: 12:14)
World Tag Team Champions vs WWE Tag Team Champions Interpromotional Tag: Big Show and Kane vs M.N.M (Time: 06:42)
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2020.05.20 01:48 ThomasFunk1 WWE 2003: How Would I Book It?

WWE Raw March Week 2 2003:
1) Eric Bischoff starts the show in the ring and announces that Goldberg was charged with Assault but is still allowed to wrestle at WrestleMania 19! Goldberg interupts w/ Paul Ellering as he is clearly angry but Paul Ellering says how sorry Goldberg is and tells Eric Bischoff it won't happen again. Eric Bischoff also says if you are charged with Assault you will not be at WrestleMania 19! This angers Goldberg even more and is interrupted by HHH and Ric Flair who say that Goldberg hasn't even earnt his shot but he is interrupted by HBK who heads to the ring and says that HHH hasn't earnt his title match. HBK and HHH go face to face until HBK sweet chin music's Goldberg. HHH and HBK then do the DX Symbol Until HBK hits a Sweet Chin Music on HHH.
2) RVD w/ Jeff Hardy def. William Regal w/ Lance Storm
Regal with a powerbomb to RVD and now going to hit RVD with the brass nuckles but the ref catches him and from behind a bicycle kick by RVD and now a 5 Star Frog Splash!!! 1!!2!!3!!
3) Lance Storm and RVD go face to face as Lance Storm holds up his WWE Intercontinental Title as RVD goes Rob Van Dam with his hands.
4) Jacqueline and Ivory def. Jazz and Molly Holly
Ivory now going for a Facebuster to Jazz but Stopped by Molly with her Finisher of the top rope to Ivory!!! But Jacqueline with a powerbomb to Molly Holly!! 1!!2!!3!!
5) Backstage Goldberg and Paul Ellering are seen arguing about HHH and HBK.
6) Booker T is backstage and is interviewed by An interviewer. Booker T says Goldust is just some waste of space but before he can carry on Goldust attacks Booker T with a chair.
7) The Outsiders def. Jamal and Rosey w/ Rico
Jamal with a superkick to Hall but from behind a boot by Nash And now a Jacknife powerbomb!!! 1!!2!!2!!
8) The Outsiders see Rico and throws him in the ring and hits a Jacknife Powerbomb on Rico and says this will be Y2J and Christian.
9) Mark Henry def. Spike Dudley w/ The Dudleys
Immediately as the match starts Henry hits Spike with a boot to the face and a running power slam!! 1!!2!!3!!
10) Mark Henry celebrates as The Future attack Dudleys. The Future attempts to powerbomb them through a table but they reverse and The Dudleys powerbombs The Future through tables And celebrates with the crowds.
11) HHH and Ric Flair are in Eric Bischoffs office and demands a match with HBK. Eric Bischoff is forced to accept as They threaten Eric Bischoff.
12) HHH w/Ric Flair entrance.
13) HHH w/ Ric Flair vs HBK went to a no contest as Goldberg attacks both men
HHH with a chop to HBK and now a knee to the face. HHH now with a spinebuster to HBK but from behind Goldberg attacks both men and the ref rings the bell!!!
14) Goldberg attacks HHH and HBK repeatedly until Paul Ellering manages to drag Goldberg away as Security Drags Goldberg to the backstage area as Medics see to HHH and HBK.
WWE Smackdown March Week 2 2003:
1= The show starts with Brock Lesnar in the ring and calls out Kurt Angle to a fight but Kurt Angle does come out but stays at the ramp and says how Brock Lesnar can't beat Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle continues to talk about Brock Lesnar until Team Angle attacks Brock Lesnar from behind and Kurt Angle enters the ring and locks a ankle lock on Brock Lesnar.
2) Rey Mysterio Jr def. Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon - Winner faces Billy Kidman at WrestleMania 19!
Tajiri with a bussaw kick to Dragon who was mid air attempting to hit a spring board dive but Afterwards Rey with a 619 to Tajiri!! 1!!2!!3!!!
3) Rey Mysterio Jr celebrates his win by celebrating with Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri as a sign of respect.
4) APA def. Billy and Chuck
Billy with a running clothesline but reversal by Faarooq into a chokeslam but behind Chuck with a boot to the face of Faarooq but behind a running clothesline by Bradshaw!! 1!!2!!3!!
5) Backstage Stephanie McMahon books Team Angle vs Brock Lesnar and members of his choosing for tonight's main Event.
6) Big Show video package.
7) Billy Kidman © w/ Torrie Wilson def. Jamie Noble w/ Nidia - WWE Cruiserweight Title by distraction from Torrie Wilson
Noble going for a cutter to Billy but Torrie climbs onto the apron and laughs at Noble and from behind Billy with a rollup to Noble!! 1!!2!!3!!
8) Torrie Wilson and Billy Kidman celebrate until Nidia attacks Torrie Wilson as the two women Brawl around the ring.
9) Backstage Brock Lesnar is finding Tag partners until Los Guerreros tells Brock Lesnar that they will team with Lesnar.
10) John Cena w/ Albert are in the ring and mocks Hulk Hogan by wearing his iconic gear but Hulk Hogan doesn't come out to the ring.
11) Brock Lesnar and Los Guerreros entrance.
12) Los Guerreros and Brock Lesnar def. Team Angle
Haas with a Suplex to Chavo and now going for a full Nelson Slam but reversal into a codebreaker and a tag to Eddie Guerrero and a frog splash to Haas as Lesnar and Angle brawl outside of the ring!! 1!!2!!3!!
13) Los Guerreros and Brock Lesnar celebrates until Team Angle attacks them. Haas and Benjamin set up Ladders and they sit on the top of the Ladders and hold up the WWE Tag Team Titles.
What are your thoughts on the show?
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2020.04.23 01:28 Jarfolomew Booking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania 1 to WrestleMania 37 (Part 47)

SummerSlam 2007
United States Championship: MVP (c) def. Matt Hardy
Intercontinental Championship: Santino Marella def. Jeff Hardy (c)
(Heel Santino gets a lucky rollup but Jeff wins it back a couple weeks later)
Cruiserweight Championship: Rey Mysterio def. Chavo Guerrero (c)
(Rey returns and retires the Cruiserweight Title)
Mark Henry def. Kane
Divas Battle Royal; winner faces Candice Michelle for the Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix wins by last eliminating Victoria
ECW Championship Extreme Rules Match: CM Punk def. John Morrison (c)
DX def. King Booker & Bobby Lashley
(Lashley and Booker join forces briefly and attack Shawn Michaels on Raw. HBK says that he has the perfect man in mind to help him even the odds. Like Rey's match earlier, HHH doesn't show up in the entire build, returning here at SummerSlam)
World Heavyweight Championship: Umaga (c) def. Batista
WWE Championship: John Cena (c) def. Randy Orton
Unforgiven 2007
ECW Championship TLC Match: CM Punk (c) def. John Morrison
World Tag Team Championship: World's Greatest Tag Team (c) def. Paul London & Brian Kendrick
WWE Championship Number One Contenders Match: Triple H def. Shawn Michaels
I Quit Match: Rey Mysterio def. Chavo Guerrero
Mark Henry def. Kane
Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix def. Candice Michelle (c)
WWE Championship: Randy Orton def. John Cena (c) via DQ
(Cena goes into a fit of rage, looking for payback after Orton punted his dad a couple weeks back. He knocks Orton silly with a steel chair, causing the ref to call for the bell)
World Heavyweight Championship: Batista def. Umaga (c)
No Mercy 2007
Cena vacates the WWE Championship due to injury
Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) def. Shawn Michaels
WWE Tag Team Championship: Finlay & William Regal (c) def. MVP & Matt Hardy
(MVP and Matt become partners after Teddy Long forces them to work together in a tag team match playa)
Casket Match: Undertaker def. Mark Henry
(Undertaker returns to pay back the man who cost him the World Heavyweight Title)
Women's Championship: Beth Phoenix (c) def. Candice Michelle
Carlito def. Rey Mysterio
Vacant WWE Championship: Randy Orton def. Triple H
ECW Championship: CM Punk (c) def. The Miz
World Heavyweight Championship Samoan Strap Match: Batista (c) def. Umaga
Cyber Sunday 2007
World's Greatest Tag Team def. Finlay & William Regal
(Some brand warfare between the Tag Champs of both shows)
United States Championship: Matt Hardy def. MVP (c)
(MVP shakes Matt's hand after the match but then kicks Matt's knee out and goes to town on it. Crushing under the steel steps)
Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) def. Paul London
Stretcher Match: Rey Mysterio def. Carlito
Shawn Michaels def. Mr. Kennedy
ECW Championship: CM Punk (c) def. The Miz
World Heavyweight Championship: Batista (c) def. Undertaker
WWE Championship Last Man Standing Match: Randy Orton (c) def. Triple H
Survivor Series 2007
World Tag Team Championship: World's Greatest Tag Team (c) def. Cody Rhodes & Hardcore Holly
Survivor Series Match: Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Kane & CM Punk def. Mr. Kennedy, John Morrison, The Miz, Umaga & MVP
Belfast Brawl: Finlay def. William Regal
(Finlay and Regal lose the Tag Team Titles to Miz and Morrison on SD and Regal turns on Finlay)
Ten-Divas Tag Team Match: Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly & Maria def. Beth Phoenix, Melina, Victoria, Layla & Jillian Hall
WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) def. Shawn Michaels
World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match: Batista (c) def. Undertaker
(Edge returns in this match, posing as a cameraman and costing Taker the match)
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2020.04.04 03:38 VacantForHOF Official Results Smackdown THE SUPER SMACKDOWN SHIFT: HERE COMES THE PAIN! (March 3, 2020)

Hello fuckers, it's ya boi VacantForHOF with the SUPER SMACKDOWN SHIFT results.
A number generation was done moments ago as per the rules and we now have our date.
*These dates were decided based off of date of recording. Which means there's some delay before airing
Between the numbers of 1 and 12..... we landed on...... 7 (July)
The week (out of 5, July has 5 Tuesdays in the month)......4.
Week 4 of July, which puts this card at:
July 29, 2003...with an air date of July 31, 2003
So let's run this card down!
This is the Smackdown after the titular brands Pay-Per View VENGEANCE. A solid PPV which saw a triple threat match for the Main Event for the WWE Championship with Brock Lesnar(c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Big Show. Where Kurt pinned friend Brock Lesnar...
No harm no foul apparently because Kurt Angle Opens proceedings by telling the world what winning the title for a 4th time means to him... this leads to Brock Lesnar admitting he was beaten and demanding the match. Big Vinnie Mac comes up saying "your friendship is gonna be tested" cultivating in the Maim Event. against A-Train and Big Show.
So now we have the big backstory. Let's give the results for this Smackdown of 2003.
Singles Match
SPEAKER LIST: (1st) Kurt Angle Brock Lesnar Vince McMahon Jamie Noble Rhyno Torrie Wilson Nidia Zach Gowen John Cena Sable
Rey Mysterio (w/Billy Kidman) defeats Shelton Benjamin (w/Charlie Haas) (4:29)
Singles Match
Chris Benoit defeats Doink (1:21)
WWE United States Title Match
Eddie Guerrero (c) defeats Tajiri (12:17)
Singles Match
Shannon Moore (w/Matt Hardy Version 1.0) defeats Zach Gowen (3:40)
Singles Match
John Cena defeats Orlando Jordan (2:27)
MAIN EVENT - Tag Team Match
Brock Lesnar & Kurt Angle defeat The A-Train & The Big Show (6:49)
(per Cagematch)
That's the run down.... now. The results of THE SUPER SMACKDOWN SHIFT: HERE COMES THE PAIN.
u/Pruef def. u/InstinctMan20 - Pruef takes the win for Exalted. What's to happen in their future match?
Total Warfare Championship #1 Contender Match
u/BrokenPenisJoke def. u/BenjaminEarl- THE CONTENDERSHIP STAYS
u/DealerTokes def. u/525Forever - The Chaos King takes the W in this fight. He looks to the Hooded man!
Cassius-gun (u/fsnwj and u/VitaminYes2000) def. Legion (u/TheRandomGuy199 and u/RyRyLloyd(No-Show)) - An unfortunate turn of events for RandomGuy leaves Cassius Gun with a Victory... A wins a win!
u/NicholasGraziano def. u/CaptainConundrum64 - An emphatic clash between two of Smackdown's best and HOF team participants. BRILLIANT MURDER
u/Phenomenalnferno def. u/Moose_assasin, u/MrCappie, u/DOWN_WITH_BIG_BUBBY(No-Show), u/LionTamerY2J (No-Show), u/Jess_Kay32(No-show) - Lots of no shows on this match... disappointing. On the other hand, on the first edition of THE SUPER SMACKDOWN SHIFT - Phenom scores a PERFECT CARD in both a new event and a GRUELLING match. Congratulations!
u/VacantForHOF def. u/Steve_Chandler - Vacant takes the win against his tag team partner... now he looks forward to Mania. Where his fate awaits.
THANK YOU FOR JOINING US ON THE SUPER SMACKDOWN SHIFT! We hope your enjoyed this new spin on the week to week... this WILL NOT be the last Shift. You never know what could happen.
SMACKDOWN NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2020.03.31 03:44 john14325 Rebook the Invasion

This is a follow up of my booking of Austin as a face in 2001 if you haven’t seen it here’s the link:
Build to Invasion 2001
Vince McMahon comes out and cuts right to the chase we have beefed up security there will be no NWO or Eric Bischoff and we will have a rematch from last night and it will take place inside a steel cage The Rock vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for the WWF Championship.
We get to the match and it’s going as normal with Rock and Austin going at it for about 20 minutes when we see the Eric Bischoff take a front row seat and the announcers are like how the hell did he get in here this grabs Rocks and Austin’s attention and while their staring at Bischoff the NWO enter through the cage door with lead pipes and beat down Rock and Austin to close the show.
The next week on Raw, Vince McMahon comes out and makes security even tighter to ensure that The NWO and Eric Bischoff cannot enter the building but throughout the night guys like Billy Kidman, The Steiner Brothers, Chris Candido and even the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T appear attacking various wrestlers and interrupting matches Vince cancels the scheduled main event between Rock Austin and Triple H for the title and calls out his security team to find out what’s going on when Eric Bischoff comes out and explains that security wasn’t the problem all he had to do was walk in the front door because I own 25% of the WWF yes your son Shane sold his share of the company to me because he sees you as an out of touch old man who will run the WWF into the ground reminding everyone of 1995 and Bischoff agreed to a point but once Shane sold his share he dumped him like the piece of garbage he is and we see The Steiner Brothers drag a bloodied Shane McMahon onto the entrance ramp and Eric challenges Vince to a match at Invasion they will both have a representative and the if Bischoff wins he gets 50% of the company if Vince wins Bischoff and all of his guys will be gone from the company and Vince hastily accepts the challenge.
Vince chooses the biggest company man of them all as his representative, The Undertaker and Bischoff is more secretive and doesn’t reveal his representative until the go home Raw when we have the official contract signing and that man is Goldberg who sneak attacks The Undertaker and spears him through the barricade injuring his ribs.
Invasion 2001
Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero(c) European Championship
Eddie regains the European Title with help from a debuting Rey Mysterio and this confuses everyone why would a WCW guy help a WWF guy and Mysterio offers Eddie a place in the invading WCW saying it’s inevitable that WCW will win the war but Eddie declines prompting an attack from Mysterio. They go 15 minutes having an amazing opener with Eddie retaining but Mysterio’s foot was under the bottom rope and the ref didn’t see it and this continues the feud.
Chris Candido vs Jeff Hardy(c) Hardcore Championship
Candido debuts and talks about his run in the WWF in the mid nineties and cents his frustration about being underutilized and says that’s why the WWF will fall and he targets rising star and fan favorite Jeff Hardy for his Hardcore Championship. Candido wins after Hardy misses a Swanton Bomb through a table.
Lance Storm vs Chris Jericho(c) Intercontinental Championship
Lance Storm targets his old thrill seekers partner Chris Jericho for leaving him in WCW and wants to take his Intercontinental Championship. Lance Storm wins the match clean claiming his first gold in the WWF.
Mike Awesome vs Perry Saturn
We bring in Mike Awesome because he’s great and Bischoff wants Perry Saturn punished for leaving WCW when they were at their lowest and Awesome does just that and destroys Perry Saturn driving him out of the WWF.
The Steiner Brothers vs The Dudley Boyz(c) Table elimination match for the World Tag Team Championships
The Steiner Brothers attack the Dudleys wanting to take their titles and Scott Steiner cuts a promo about them taking splinters out of their faaaaat assesss like he did in TNA because let’s be honest that was pretty funny. The Dudleys eliminate Rick hitting a 3-D through a table but Rick eventually recovers and helps Steiner eliminate D-Von and Scott eliminates Bubba by hitting a top rope Frankensteiner through a table to win the tag team titles.
Ric Flair vs Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle and his 3 I’s vs the dirtiest player in the game Ric Flair. Flair is used to cheating his way to victory and hates to see someone goody two shoes like Angle at the top and challenges him to a match. Flair almost cheats his way to victory but Angle reverse a figure four into an ankle lock to win the match.
Booker T(c) vs Edge WCW World Heavyweight Championship
Booker T declares himself the real worlds champion and wants to defend his title at Invasion so Bischoff books a #1 contenders battle royal which is won by Edge. Edge puts in a great showing but is no match for the 5 time WCW Champion.
NWO vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock and Triple H
Austin and Rock want revenge for the NWO laying them out not once but twice and Triple H still resents his old kliq buddies Scott Hall and Kevin Nash for jumping ship to WCW and trying to put the WWF out of business. But can Austin, Rock and Triple H who have all been bitter enemies for the past couple of years work together to defeat the invading NWO. While Austin, Rock and Triple H are able to work together they don’t have the chemistry that the NWO has and NWO wins clean Hall and Nash hits a double team move on Austin.
Stacy Keibler vs Trish Stratus(c) Women’s Championship
Trish retains over “WCW’s best”
Goldberg /w Eric Bischoff vs The Undertaker /w Vince McMahon
Despite having injured ribs, The Undertaker gives it his all against Goldberg hitting him with a choke slam a last rife and a tombstone but nothing puts Goldberg away and he hits multiple spears and a jackhammer to put The Undertaker away. The entire WCW roster come out to celebrate.
Build to No Mercy 2001
The fans tune in to see Monday Night Nitro, Bischoff comes out and reveals that he slipped a clause into the contract signing that if Bischoff won that he would have the power to cancel Monday Night Raw and reinstate Nitro but don’t worry WWF parasites you still have Thursday Night Smackdown to look forward to. Eric also addresses the fact that Kevin Nash and Scott Hall beat “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at Invasion and books a triple threat match for the title at No Mercy.
On the next episode of Smackdown, The Rock cuts a vicious promo on Booker T about him claiming to be the real worlds champion and challenges him to a match at No Mercy for the WCW Title.
No Mercy 2001
Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero 2/3 falls for the European Championship
Mysterio wants a rematch because he says Eddie didn’t really beat him and Eddie gives him a rematch to prove he’s the better man. Mysterio wins the first fall when he rolls up Eddie and puts his feet on the second rope. Eddie wins the second falls making Mysterio submit to the lasso from El Paso and the third with a frog splash. Mysterio shakes Eddies’s hand after the match and raises his arm but them swerve he kicks him below the belt and brings out his nephew Chavo Guerrero and gives Eddie one last chance to join them and Eddie spits on Chavo and they proceed to beat Eddie down and hit him with the European Title.
X-Pac vs Dean Malenko Light Heavyweight Championship
X-Pac turns on X-Factor joins WCW and challenges Dean Malenko for the Light Heavyweight Championship he nearly cheats to win the match but Albert and Justin Credible cost him the match out of revenge for turning on them.
Stacy Keibler vs Lita vs Torrie Wilson vs Trish Stratus(c) Women’s Championship
Trish wins after Mike Awesome power bombs Lita yes Trish Stratus joins WCW.
Lance Storm(c) vs Kurt Angle Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho gets his rematch on Nitro for the Intercontinental Championship but Goldberg costs him the match and the next week on Nitro Bischoff books Goldberg vs Chris Jericho to punish Jericho for leaving WCW and Goldberg destroys Jericho. Kurt Angle steps up and we have a great technical match which Lance Storm wins.
Chris Candido(c) vs Chris Jericho Hardcore Championship
Candido targets another rising star who happens to be a fan favorite in Chris Jericho we also play off their history in Smokey Mountain Wrestling, they have a great hard hitting match and once again Candido retains.
Goldberg vs The Big Show
Eric Bischoff books Goldberg be The Big Show to punish him for leaving WCW and Goldberg destroys The Big Show for another victory.
Hulk Hogan vs Triple H
Triple H wants revenge on the man who turned his best friends against him and left the WWF the company that made Hulk Hogan. Hogan tells Triple H he’s just mad that WCW didn’t make him a star. Hulk Hogan wins the match after hitting a low blow and a leg drop when the ref isn’t looking.
The Steiner Brothers(c) vs The Hardy Boyz World Tag Team Championships
The Steiners talk about the last time they were in the WWF the tag team division was filled with real men but then they see skinny North Carolina white trash like the Hardy Boyz and it pisses them off. The Hardy’s give it their all nearly pulling off the upset but are ultimately no match for The Steiner Brothers.
Ric Flair vs Shane McMahon
Shane wants revenge for being used by Eric Bischoff and Bischoff sets Ric Flair on him and they have a highly physical brawl at No Mercy where Ric busts up Shane and makes him pass out to the figure four leglock with Bischoffs help of course.
Booker T(c) vs The Rock WCW World Heavyweight Championship
These two have a great back and forth match which Booker wins clean making him an even bigger star in the eyes of the WWF fans.
Kevin Nash vs Scott Hall vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin(c) WWF Championship
Kevin Nash is bitter about how his initial WWF Title reign went and wants to rectify that and Scott Hall has never even won the belt and they fight over who gets to pin Austin when Austin capitalizes and hits both men with stunners pinning Kevin Nash.
Build to Survivor Series 2001
Eric Bischoff is satisfied with the way things are going most of the titles have gone over to WCW but he doesn’t just want half the company no he came here to have total control and he challenges Vince to a 5 on 5 tag team match at Survivor Series winner takes all. And Vince says no I’m not risking my life’s work against some shady business man like yourself. And Bischoff says I thought you might say that and says that he’s talked to the board of directors and they are ready to install a vote of no confidence in McMahon because of letting WCW kick the WWF’s ass so far and so Vince agrees to put his whole company on the line against Eric Bischoff at Survivor Series in a five on five elimination tag team match.
Survivor Series 2001
Chavo Guerrero vs Eddie Guerrero(c) European Championship
Chavo wants to prove he is the best in the legendary Guerrero family. They have an amazing 25 minute match which Chavo lies cheats and steals his way to victory.
X-Pac(c) vs Dean Malenko(c) Unification match for the WCW Cruiserweight and WWF Light Heavyweight Championships
X-Pac brings in the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and starts defending it on Nitro while Malenko defends the Light Heavyweight Title on Smackdown and X-Pac challenges him to a unification match at Survivor Series. Albert and Justin Credible try to cost X-Pac the match but is stopped by Rey Mysterio with a steel chair X-Pac wins the match unifying both titles.
Chris Candido(c) vs The Big Show vs Test Hardcore Championship
The two giants want to shut this as they put it vanilla midget up for good and they both challenge him to a title match at Survivor Series. Candido retains after his girlfriend Sunny makes her return and low blows The Big Show.
Trish Stratus(c) /w Mike Awesome vs Lita Women’s Championship
Trish explains that she turned on the WWF because she never forgave Vince McMahon for making her bark like a dog on live TV and Lita tries to make her come to her senses and says in WCW they didn’t even have a women’s title and you think they’re the answer? They have a great match which Trish retains when Awesome interferes.
Lance Storm(c) vs Edge vs Christian Intercontinental Championship
Storm retains because Edge and Christian can’t stop fighting each other and Storm capitalizes pinning Christian.
The Steiner Brothers(c) vs The Dudley Boyz vs The Hardy Boyz vs The APA World Tag Team Championships
The APA do all the work eliminating The Hardy’s and The Dudley’s and The Steiners capitalize on the fact the APA did all the work and pin them to retain the titles.
Ric Flair vs Vince McMahon street fight
Vince wants revenge for Flair bloodying up his son and books a street fight between them for Survivor Series. They have a great match which Flair wins.
Team WCW(Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Booker T, Goldberg) vs Team WWF( “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker and Kane) Winner Takes All
Goldberg Eliminates Kane. Goldberg eliminates Triple H. Triple H eliminates Scott Hall Goldberg gets eliminated by count out. Hogan Eliminates The Rock. The Undertaker eliminates Kevin Nash. Hogan eliminates Triple H. Booker T eliminates Austin. Sting debuts and hits The Undertaker with a Scorpion Death Drop allowing Booker T to pin and eliminate The Undertaker.
Team WCW wins!!!!!
Build to Starrcade 2001
Eric Bischoff makes major changes by firing the entire McMahon family and during Jim Ross as Raw commentator and installs Paul Heyman as the new commentator which will give Eric nuclear heat and he cancels Smackdown and replaces it with Thursday Night Thunder and now that Bischoff has full control of the company he has the power to cancel Vengeance and put in Starrcade after all its WCW’s version of WrestleMania and he books a stacked card but first he brings in all of his champions and gives them new belts he gives Chris Candido the WCW Hardcore Championship, he gives X-Pac the WCW Cruiserweight Title, he gives Chavo Guerrero the new WCW European Championship, he gives Lance Storm the WCW United States Championship, he gives the Steiner Brothers the WCW Tag Team Titles. He books a World Title unification match between “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Booker for Starrcade.
Starrcade 2001
X-Pac(c) vs Jeff Hardy vs Rey Mysterio vs Billy Kidman vs Tajiri vs Justin Credible WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Great opening match, Rey Mysterio wins pinning Tajiri.
Chavo Guerrero(c) vs Dean Malenko WCW European Championship
Malenko who is close friends with Eddie Guerrero vows revenge on Chavo for the way he has treated his uncle and guns for his European Championship. Chavo retains in a great match.
Chris Candido(c) vs Matt Hardy WCW Hardcore Championship
Matt Hardy wants to win the belt that Candido took from his brother. Candido retains in a brutal Hardcore match.
Goldberg vs Eddie Guerrero
Bischoff sets Goldberg on Eddie for that vicious promo he cut on WCW management back in 1999 and for ultimately leaving the company. Eddie almost lies, cheats and steals his way to victory but is no match for the brute strength of Goldberg.
Lance Storm(c) vs Chris Jericho WCW United States Championship
Lance Storm retains in a great match.
The Steiner Brothers(c) vs The APA bar room brawl
Basically the two toughest tag teams in wrestling go head to head in a fight to see who’s the toughest. The Steiner Brothers comes out on top.
Mr. Perfect vs Kurt Angle
Bischoff brings in another wrestler that the WWF underutilized Mr. Perfect and he challenges Angle to a pure wrestling match which Angle accepts. They go 20 minutes and Angle reverses a perfect plex into an Angle slam for the victory.
The Rock vs DDP
The Rock is cutting a promo and the lights go out and we hear a familiar voice say I’m the real people’s champion and DDP vs The Rock is booked for Starrcade. DDP wins clean to prove his point.
Edge vs Christian TLC match
They’ve been feuding off and on since Summerslam and they finally settle it in a TLC match which they made famous which Edge wins.
NWO vs DX(Triple H, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn)
Triple H reforms DX to take on the NWO but they fall short when Hulk Hogan pins Road Dogg.
Sting vs The Undertaker Buried Alive match
Sting wins the match clean because as the American bad ass The Undertaker cannot beat Sting.
Booker T vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Unification Match for the WCW and WWF Championships
Despite WCW interference Austin wins the match.
Build to Royal Rumble 2002
Eric Bischoff calls Austin out to present him with the new WCW Title Belt but Austin spits on that belt and stunners Eric and wants to keep his original WWF Belt to punish Austin, Eric Bischoff forces Austin to defend his title in a 30 man Royal Rumble match and Austin will be entrant #1
Royal Rumble 2002
X-Pac vs Justin Credible /w Albert
Justin Credible finally overcomes X-Pac in a great opening match.
Kurt Angle vs Goldberg
Goldberg has been unstoppable since coming to the WWF and Kurt Angle challenges Goldberg to a wrestling match playing off the fact Goldberg can’t wrestle that well. Kurt Angle’s technical brilliance nearly gets him the wins but Goldberg just barely manages to get the win.
The Rock vs Ric Flair
The two most charismatic men in wrestling go head to head in a dream match which The Rock wins.
Sting vs Kane
Kane wants revenge on Sting for biting his brother. Sting wins the match reversing a tombstone into a scorpion death drop.
30 man Royal Rumble for the WWF Championship
Brock Lesnar and RVD both debut in the Rumble. RVD eliminates Sting after The Undertaker’s Gong goes off and Sting destroys RVD with a base ball bat. Austin goes the distance. Hogan eliminates Hall and Nash causing more dissension in the NWO and Hogan eliminates Austin to win the match and Austin’s Title which gets renamed the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.
Build to No Way Out 2001
Bischoff brags that WCW has all the gold and the WWF guys have nothing but Austin, Triple H, The Rock and Kurt Angle challenge WCW’s finest to a war games match and those four men are Hulk Hogan, Booker T, DDP and Goldberg.
No Way Out 2001
Rey Mysterio(c) vs Jeff Hardy WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Mysterio loses by DQ when he hits Jeff Hardy with the Cruiserweight belt.
Chavo Guerrero(c) vs Eddie Guerrero WCW European Championship
They renew their feud and despite Chavo attempting to cheat Eddie finally beats his nephew to regain the European Championship.
Lance Storm(c) vs Chris Jericho WCW United States Championship
This is Jericho’s last chance to beat Lance Storm and capture the title if Jericho loses he will never get another shot. Jericho wins making Lance Storm tap to the lion tamer.
Chris Candido(c) /w Sunny vs Kane WCW Hardcore Championship
Kane wants to see what Candido is made of and challenges him to a match which Candido wins and Kane shakes his hand after the match slowly turning Candido face.
Scott Steiner vs Rick Steiner
The Steiners drop the Tag Team Titles to the New Age Outlaws and Scott turns on Rick. Scott wins the match and in the process injures Rick Steiner.
Sting vs RVD
RVD wants revenge on Sting for beating him down at the Rumble and challenges him to a match at No Way Out. It seems like Sting has the match won, but The Undertaker’s Hong goes off once again and RVD capitalizes winning this huge match.
Kevin Nash and Scott Hall vs The New Age Outlaws(c) World Tag Team Championships
Hall and Nash have something to bribe after being kicked out of the NWO and they challenge for the Tag Team Titles and they win.
Team WCW(Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, Booker T, and DDP) vs Team WWF( “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and Kurt Angle) War Games match
The WWF pick up their first big win in ages when The Rock pins DDP.
Build to WrestleMania 18
Nitro opens up with every WWF Wrestler entering the ring and basically saying we will take back our company and chaos ensues we see brawling in the ring, the entrance ramp, backstage all of the WCW Wrestlers vs all the WWF Wrestlers and Eric Bischoff cannot get things under control he’s in the middle of the ring watching everyone fight when Vince McMahon’s music hits and alongside him is Shane, Stephanie and Linda and they beat up Eric Bischoff and make him put the company on the line at WrestleMania and we will have 13 matches whoever wins the majority gets control of the company.
WrestleMania 18
35 man battle royal Winner faces DDP later in the night
RVD wins WWF:1 WCW:0
**Chavo Guerrero vs Eddie Guerrero(c) vs Edge vs Chris Candido /w WCW European Championship
Chris Candido wins. WWF:1 WCW:1
Lance Storm vs Chris Jericho(c) 30 minute Ironman match for WCW United States Championship
Billed as their final match against each other. Storm wins. WWF:1 WCW:2
Rey Mysterio(c) vs Jeff Hardy vs Billy Kidman Cruiserweight Championship
Kidman wins. WWF:1 WCW:3
Scott Steiner vs Brock Lesnar
Steiner wants a real challenge at WrestleMania and Brock answers it. Brock wins WWF:2 WCW:3
Trish Stratus(c) vs Lita Women’s Championship
Trish retains. WWF:2 WCW:4
RVD wins. WWF:3 WCW:4
Ric Flair vs Mick Foley(c) Hardcore Championship
Mick Foley comes out of retirement to help the WWF and he beats Candido on Nitro to win the Hardcore Championship and Flair targets Foley calling him a glorified stuntman. Flair wins with a low blow in a gruesome bloody match.
The Rock vs Goldberg
Goldberg runs right through The Rock to continue his undefeated streak.
Scott Hall and Kevin Nash(c) vs DX World Tag Team Championships
Triple H brings in the founder of the Kliq Shawn Michaels to straighten out Hall and Nash but they beat him down and Shawn comes out of retirement to team with his best friend Triple H and they beat Hall and Nash to win the titles.
*Eric Bischoff vs Vince McMahon *
Vince beats the holy hell out of Eric to win the match.
Sting vs The Undertaker /w Paul Bearer
The Undertaker comes back in his deadman persona and challenges Sting to a match at WrestleMania. Undertaker reverses a scorpion death drop into a tombstone to win the match.
Hulk Hogan(c) vs “Stone Cold” Steve Austin WWF Championship
The dream match that never happened finally happens and Austin hits two stunners on Hogan to win the match. Hogan turns face and shakes Austin’s hand after the match.
This took a while this is how I would have booked The Invasion.
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2020.03.30 12:49 VacantForHOF Official Card Smackdown SUPER SMACKDOWN SHIFT: HERE COMES THE PAIN (March 3, 2020)

Hello dick maggots, it's ya boi, VacantForHOF... and I arrive with a solution.
This week you were told that Smackdown was cancelled due to a taping that occurred last week. Such a shame...
Because you will be taking a trip to the past.
Now to STEVE with the CARD
u/BestInBounds v. u/AurumVocem - Smackdown Summit
u/BrokenPenisJoke (#1 Contender) v. u/BenjaminEarl - TWT Contendership
u/DealerTokes v. u/525Forever - On the build up to Mania, Tokes has been on a journey to taking on the Hooded Man. While 525 has been on the journey against MKD. A tangled web of former LCA members as the stable finally explodes come Wrestlemania!
u/InstinctMan20 v. u/Pruef - Sometime in the future, a team forming of Graziano, InstinctMan, and Kane Carnage will be taking on The Exalted for the Trios titles. Why don't we take a brief break from the build to Mania to see a preview of what's to come for that long awaited match?
Cassius-Gun (u/VitaminYes2000 and u/Fsnwj) v. Legion (u/RyRyLloyd and u/TheRandomGuy199) - Last week, we saw the remaining members of CSGN leave the Summit. Leaving only Legion to be in the finals. So lets see if they're able to round some steam off versus a tag team of the same stable they faced defeat too last week.
u/CaptainConundrum54 v. u/NicholasGraziano - A brawl between two members of the HOF Class of 2019. No exact reason for this one. Just two members of LLR's Hall of the Best there is dukeing it out!
Vacant Clusterfuck
u/Moose_Assasin v. u/DOWN_WITH_BIG_BUBBY v. u/Phenomenalnferno v. u/LionTamerY2J v. u/MrCappie v. u/Jess_Kay32
u/VacantforHOF v. u/Steve_Chandler__ - Come Mania, Vacant will be risking his career up against his greatest rival JJ. So on the weeks coming we're prepping for anything and hoping to provide no loose ends. On the week before Mania we're giving Vacant his own Tag Partner, Steve Chandler. Tear the house down, lads.
All rules will remain relatively the same. So please review them.
Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. What year are we Shifting to....
The year we are shifting to is:.... 2003!
Smackdown 2003 Roster:
Big Show
Bill DeMott
Billy Kidman
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Kanyon
Chuck Palumbo
Crash Holly
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Johnny Stamboli
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Matt Morgan
Mr America/Hulk Hogan
Nathan Jones
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty
Sean O’Haire
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
Spanky "Brian Kendrick"
Ultimo Dragon
Zack Gowan
Dawn Marie
Gail Kim
Miss Jackie
Molly Holly
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus
Eric Bischoff
Paul Heyman
Roddy Piper
Stephanie McMahon
Teddy Long
(Note: These are the Wrestlers compiled from the Roster of BOTH RAW and Smackdown, not just Smackdown)
SMACKDOWN NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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2020.02.07 23:52 DGenerationMC Rebooking The InVasion Pt. 6 - Rebellion 2001

Kurt Angle(c) def. Diamond Dallas Page in a Steel Cage Match to retain the WCW Championship
DDP's injury a few months back prevented him and Angle to settle their score then but they do it now. Page was beaten badly enough to the point of begging and then tried to pull a fast one on the Olympic hero. Fortunately, the champ saw past the facade and won the match. He did return to the ring however to forcibly take back the gold medal DDP stole months ago.
The Hardy Boyz(c) def. The Impact Players to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship
Matt and Jeff upset The Brothers of Destruction for the titles, leading to Storm getting another crack at them with another former partner. The Impact Players showed that hadn't missed a beat together since they last teamed in ECW, but The Hardyz won out.
Edge def. Tajiri
Even without Torrie Wilson's "distractions," Tajiri still could not pull out the victory.
The Dudley Boyz(c) def. The APA and Billy & Chuck in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match to retain the WWF Tag Team Championship
Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo became allies when they bonded over their disillusion of their respective companies going to war. Teaming up to show WWF and WCW could exist, the two nearly stole the titles but Gunn was blasted with a Clothesline from Hell while Palumbo took a 3-D. Bubba Ray and D-Von used their heads, taking APA out before getting the pin to retain.
William Regal(c) def. Christian to retain the WWF European Championship
While Christian did not defect to WCW, Commissioner Regal did. In his home country, the champion used the crowd getting to Christian as an advantage. With the Power of the Punch, Regal got the dirty win with brass knuckles. When Christian came to, he proceeded to throw a tantrum until Edge came out to admonish him.
Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Big Show
Another issue dating back to the summer, Austin got revenge on Show costing him the WWF Title with multiple Stunners.
WWF Women's Champion Lita & Trish Stratus def. Stacy Keibler & Molly Holly in a Bra and Panties Match with Torrie Wilson as special guest referee
Torrie continued inching towards the WWF, refusing to let her WCW comrades to corners or leave the match. After Trish and Lita stripped their opponents, Wilson joined in on the laughter until she had her own clothes torn off.
The Rock(c) def. Chris Jericho to retain the WWF Championship
Y2J thought he had got inside Rock's head with the assist at No Mercy, showing the overall desperation of WCW as WWF had turned the tide of this invasion. Laser focused, The Great One overcame tons of interference, negative (DDP, Show, Dudleyz, Regal) and positive (Austin, Angle, Hardyz, Edge) to keep his title. The show closed with a beer bash but the WWF and WCW Champions showed a little tension as Angle showed a little doubt that Rock had truly gotten over WWF "turning" on him following WrestleMania. Or maybe it was healthy competition over who was the superior champion. No matter, Austin brought some beer into the ring and shared for a celebration, as WWF was stronger than ever.
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2020.02.06 23:25 DGenerationMC Rebooking The InVasion Pt. 5 - No Mercy 2001

Sunday Night Heat: The APA def. Kanyon & Hugh Morrus
Raven's New Flock continues to crumble as Kanyon and Morrus fall without their leader.
Sunday Night Heat: The Hurricane def. Scotty 2 Hotty
Hurricane wins this comedy match but shows sportsmanship afterwards, hinting at some WCW wrestlers not all being bad.
The Brothers of Destruction(c) def. Chris Jericho & Lance Storm to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship
Y2J dropped the WWF Title back to Austin after Unforgiven thanks to BoD interference. Reuniting with his old Thrillseeker partner, revenge is not served.
Lita(c) def. Molly Holly to retain the WWF Women's Championship
Lita avenges Spike, who was injured after Molly lured him into an attack by his brothers, retaining the title over the turncoat.
Billy Kidman def. Tajiri(c) (with Torrie Wilson) to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Kidman wins the title after botched interference from Torrie, who looks to have a harsh punishment coming her way for the folly.
Big Show def. Test
Show wins the battle of the big men but chooses not to attack Test afterwards, possibly extending an olive branch to the "overlooked" rising star to make the jump to WCW.
Edge def. Christian(c) in a Ladder Match to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship
The two best friends finally implode as Christian betrays Edge during a tag match but stays with WWF. Facing off in the match type that made them famous, Edge wins out. It is left unclear whether or not their team will ever be the same.
The Dudley Boyz (with Stacy Keibler) def. The Hardy Boyz(c) (with Lita) to win the WWF Tag Team Championship
Molly is discarded as The Dudleyz' valet for losing earlier, so Stacy is brought in to help them get back gold.
Kurt Angle(c) def. Booker T & WWF Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam in a Triple Threat Match to retain the WCW Championship
With the egotistical Y2J taking up Shane and Heyman's attention from the rest of WCW, Booker and RVD are left picking up the slack as DDP is on the shelf. The clash of personalities along with their WCW/ECW upbringings lead to comical interactions between them in the buildup but Booker refuses to trust the laid back Van Dam. Adding fuel to the fire, Vince McMahon begins courting the Hardcore champ to jump ship. When it comes to the match itself, an every man for himself mindset is exactly what the Olympic hero needed to keep his title, pinning RVD. Vince comes out to congratulate Kurt and rub the victory in the challengers' faces, who get into a post-match scuffle broken up by Shane O'Mac.
The Rock def. Stone Cold Steve Austin(c) to win the WWF Championship
WCW used their captivity of WWF's richest prize to further drive a wedge between the two megastars. At Vince's behest and to Rock's annoyance, Austin was granted his rematch for the title first and succeeded. While the tide was slowly turning in WWF's favor, the biggest hurdle was the divide between Rock and Austin. Division between their locker room supporters had healed, neither man was willing to budge.
Jericho interfered in the match and came down to the ringside. He threw a chair in the ring and Rock started chasing. Austin stopped the BS and hit Jericho with a Stunner. Rock took advantage, performing a Rock Bottom on the chair to pin him. After the match, Jericho patted Rock on the shoulder before escaping. The new champion looked on in disbelief at yet another plot by WCW to let the WWF destroy itself. A recovered Austin grabbed the chair from earlier and considered smashing Rock with it like he did at Mania. However, when The Great One turned around, Stone Cold simply handed it to The Rock and left. While these two did not like each other, at least now they were equal.
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2020.02.05 18:18 DGenerationMC Rebooking The InVasion Pt. 4 - Unforgiven 2001

Sunday Night Heat: Lance Storm def. Perry Saturn
Saturn had begun a love affair with Moppy, drawing the ire of the very serious Storm. Slapping on the Canadian Maple Leaf, Storm submitted Perry.
The Hardy Boyz (with Lita) def. The Dudley Boyz(c) (with Spike Dudley) to win the WCW Tag Team Championship
Finally seeing Molly Holly's manipulation of him, Spike opted to jump back to the WWF and betrayed his brothers.
Tajiri(c) (with Torrie Wilson) def. The Hurricane to retain the WCW Cruiserweight Championship
After defeating X-Pac for the WWF Light Heavyweight Title, Tajiri unified the belts under the WCW umbrella. The man formerly known as Shane Helms, took a brief hiatus following his title loss months ago and return as The Hurricane. The superhero nearly regained the championship but Torrie's interference nixed that.
Rob Van Dam(c) def. Test in a Hardcore Match to retain the WWF Hardcore Championship
Van Dam's brief time on WWF TV gained him a lot of buzz and new fans, but not everyone was impressed. Test dismissed him as a garbage wrestler from minor league bingo halls and looked to prove it. But, in his hardcore habitat, RVD could not be beaten.
The Brothers of Destruction(c) (with Sara) def. Raven & Tommy Dreamer (with Steven Richards) to retain the WCW Tag Team Championship
Needing a partner after Taker and Kane had dispatched all of his lackeys, Raven turned to his hated rival Tommy. To give them an extra edge, Richards was brought back to once again ride Raven's coattails and get revenge on Taker for putting him on the shelf before The InVasion. Raven and Dreamer held their own with classic tag team tactics and the occasion use of weapons behind the ref's back. Kane played the partner-in-peril until The American Badass cleaned house and finally pinned Raven, ending their grudge for good. And for good measure, Sara planted her stalker with a DDT after the match as Dreamer fled and Richards was laid out.
Christian def. Rhyno(c) to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship
Continuing his crusade to he was just as good as, if not better, than Edge, Christian challenged The Man Beast. The finish saw the desperate challenger attempted a One Man Conchairto but Rhyno avoided it and turned the tables. When the ref stopped the champion from doing so, Christian took advantage and gave Rhyno a low blow, pinning him to win the title in a huge upset.
Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock def. Diamond Dallas Page & Big Show
Austin and Rock had unfinished business to settle after WrestleMania but must work together to get the WWF Title rematches they both are owed. Faced with the two more immediate rivals, the megastars put their differences aside to get the victory. Stone Cold looked like he was going to give Rock a Stunner afterwards but The Great One was anticipating it, leaving them with an awkward staredown. Then, a beer bash made things civil for now. Sooner or later, these two will collide for the WWF Title once more.
Chris Jericho(c) def. Edge (with Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley) to retain the WWF Championship
As a result of winning KOTR, Edge earned the biggest opportunity of his career. Once again, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley interjected herself as she wanted to make Jericho pay for injuring her husband and bragging about it. This time, she offered her managerial services. With emotion and hatred bubbling over, Steph inadvertently cost Edge the match. Steph tried apologizing to Edge but Christian ran her off, visibly upset with Edge having someone else in his corner. The two argued to the back as Christian rubbed his title win in Edge's face. Meanwhile, Jericho simply smiled in the ring.
Kurt Angle def. Booker T(c) (with Shane McMahon) to win the WCW Championship
Following their chaotically inconclusive match at SSlam, Angle showed the thuggery Booker claimed he had none of to get another shot, threatening to throw the champion off a bridge. Trying his best to cripple the Olympic gold medalist, Booker piledrove Angle on the outside for a near-fall. Shane signaled KroniK to come down and interfere, but all three men were taken out by Team Extreme. With no options left, the champ tried one last Scissor Kick attempt only for Angle to reverse into an Ankle Lock. Booker submitted, gifting Kurt the title before he celebrated with his family. The PPV closed with the entire WWF roster coming out to congratulate Angle on his title win.
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2020.02.04 02:00 DGenerationMC Rebooking The InVasion Pt. 2 - InVasion

Sunday Night Heat: Billy Kidman def. Scotty 2 Hotty
The Kid Man executes an awe-inspiring Shooting Star Press for the win, staking his claim that WCW's cruiserweights were superior.
WWF World Tag Team Champions The Dudley Boyz & WCW World Tag Team Champions The Natural Born Thrillers (Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Shawn Stasiak) def. The APA, Big Show, Tazz & Billy Gunn in the Inaugural Brawl
Like their other former ECW stalwarts, Bubba Ray and D-Von aligned with Shane's WCW to ensure a wrestling future where Vince McMahon could not monopolize the market into "sports entertainment" in an effort to cast away "real" wrestlers. The only extremist to not jump was Tazz. Showing just how much of a threat WCW was, both companies' championship teams were able to co-exist and work to perfection. Show took the pin and also took a tongue lashing from The APA, leaving Gunn to console the giant as Tazz was visibly disappointed.
Chris Jericho def. Lance Storm
Jericho's commitment to the WWF was no longer questioned but his Canadian loyalties were, noting Jericho now resided in New York. His former partner and fellow Canuck attacked Y2J numerous times in the buildup, getting the upperhand every time. With an even playing field, Jericho was able to submit Storm with The Walls of Jericho to give a rousing response to anyone claiming Y2J would ever turn on the people and places that made him.
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion X-Pac (with Albert) def. WCW Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms (with Chavo Guerrero) in a Non-Title Match
Chavito, desperate to get another shot at the title he lost months prior, promised to be in Sugar Shane's corner if it meant one last chance. Doing his best to lie, cheat and steal at ringside, Guerrero was met with a brick wall in the form of Albert, who manhandled him. Using this as a distraction, X-Pac low blowed Helms and hit the X-Factor for the tainted win. While he was WWF, the pro-WWF crowd in Cleveland couldn't help but boo with the champion.
Jeff Hardy def. Mike Awesome(c) in a Hardcore Match to win the WWF Hardcore Championship
Awesome was the first major invader, stealing the title back in June and managed to keep it going into the PPV. The former ECW Champion nowhere to run now as Jeff got the assist from his older brother, Matt.
Tajiri def. William Regal
Tajiri betrayed his friend and Commissioner to align with WCW. Regal, especially vitriolic about his time in World Championship Wrestling, was very fiery but let emotion get the best of him. Taking it easy after pummeling his former pupil, Sir William took some green mist to the face and was given a concussive kick to the dome for the loss.
Rhyno, Rob Van Dam & Diamond Dallas Page def. Team ECK (Edge, Christian & Kurt Angle) in a Six-Man Tag Team Match
Still steaming from how he was screwed out of KOTR, Rhyno took DDP's word that ECK were never his friends and simply used him while laughing behind his back the whole time. Promising to finish this WCW trio with someone who was never his friend but more trustworthy than ECK, Rhyno introduced RVD. Edge and Christian's growing dysfunction, Rhyno's rage and RVD's unorthodox style was not enough for Angle to carry his team as Christian ate the pin from a Five Star Frog Splash.
Raven (with Kanyon and Hugh Morrus) def. The Undertaker (with Kane and Sara) in a Steel Cage Match
Raven was revealed as Sara's stalker and the WWF superstar who had been letting WCW invaders into arenas over the past couple of months. Offended that Taker "stole" Kane, Raven's brainwashed bodyguard during late 2000/early 2001, from him earlier in the year, Raven sought to get back at him through his wife. Backed up by Kanyon and Morrus, Raven got the best of The American Badass when The Natural Born Thrillers overwhelmed Kane and Sara at ringside, clearing the way for Raven to escape the cage and Taker's retribution.
Trish Stratus (with Lita) def. Stacy Keibler (with Torrie Wilson) in a Bra and Panties Match with Mick Foley as the special guest referee
Torrie tried to influence the match but the presence of the WWF Women's Champion in Trish's corner stopped that. Stacy was stripped to her skivvies and when Wilson tried to escape, Lita dragged her back to do the same to her. And all the while, Foley's gap toothed grin represented everyone else watching with glee.
WCW Champion Booker T (with Shane McMahon) def. WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin (with Vince McMahon) in a Non-Title Match
Stone Cold briefly had an attack on conscience when it came to leading an already divided WWF locker room. Half of the superstars hated him for what he, Triple H and Mr. McMahon did to The Rock. The other half were 100% in his corner, to an almost cult-like status. The Rattlesnake was seemingly buckling under pressure, giving credence to the whispers that all the injuries and mental fatigue over the years had taken it's toll. Taking a week off in a protest from his responsibilities as a leader, Austin had had enough of Booker's smacktalk and returned to lead WWF in winning a brawl against WCW on the go-home Raw. Austin didn't care what anyone said, he was not past his prime and he was his own man.
As expected, this match had tons of interference. Vince and Shane tussled on the ringside floor, distracting the WWF referee, Earl Hebner, who received no help from the WCW referee, Nick Patrick, in dispersing the chaotic brawl on the ramp between both rosters. Chris Jericho ended up fending off several WCW stars with the WWF Title before sliding into the ring for reprieve.
Just as Austin nailed Booker with the Stunner, Y2J got Patrick's attention to take Hebner's place. Then in a shocking moment, Jericho struck Austin with the title and allowed Booker to get the three count. After the match, Jericho celebrated with Shane, Booker and Paul Heyman, showing he had jumped ship.
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2020.01.03 04:59 DakotasKai Rebooking the women’s division from 2001-present: part two

So we start of the new WWE year with Jazz coming out of WrestleMania as women’s champion
Trish Stratus defeats Jazz by DQ
Build up: Jazz boasts about her title win saying Trish is just the blonde bimbo Jazz said she was. Jazz gets a win over Lita on the raw after WM and Trish runs down to brawl with the woman who took her title. The next few weeks Jazz avoids Trish in tag matches, wanting to avoid her until she has to face her at backlash.
Match: the two wrestle for 10 minutes, with Trish showing out and proving she isn’t the the blonde barbie bimbo Jazz says she is. The finish comes when Jazz rolls out the ring following a stratusfaction, and as Trish goes to exit the ring Jazz throws a chair at her causing the DQ. Then Jazz picks her up and attempts to Bitch Clamp Trish onto the chair, but Trish counters and goes to hit the stratusfaction again. However Jazz escapes and rolls out of the ring.
Trish Stratus defeats Ivory , Molly Holly and Jacquline
Build up: the match up comes as a tag match seeing Trish and Jacquline face Ivory and Molly ends in chaos as all women are attacked by Jazz. It’s announced that all 4 women will get a chance at the title as a 4 way number one contenders match is announced to happen at Insurrection
Match: Trish wins the match after Molly misses the go round and Trish rolls her up. Post match Jazz attack’s Trish with a steel chair.
Judgement Day
Trish Stratus defeats Jazz, Street Fight.
Build up: After Jazz and Trish continue to brawl around the arena and backstage on raw, this championship match is announced to be a Street Fight.
Match: Trish beats Jazz after Jazz fails to hit the bitch clamp onto the Chair, and instead Trish hits the stratusfaction into the chair. (IRL Jazz sustained an ACL injury and had to take time off)
King of the ring
Trish Stratus defeats Torrie Wilson
Build Up: after Trish regained her title, Molly Holly defeats Jacquline to become number one contender for her title. Then during a backstage interview, Trish went to congratulate Molly. But Molly slaps Trish and lays her out backstage. In the following weeks Molly would go onto to say how Trish is just like all the other divas using their “assets” to get ahead. She also starts sporting short dark hair rather than her blonde hair.
Match: Trish and Molly brawl from the bell, the finish comes when Trish manages to roll through after Molly hits a Molly go round. Post match Molly attack’s Trish and holds the title up high.
Trish Stratus defeats Torrie Wilson
Build Up: Trish Stratus has an interview where she says she wants to defend against a women from SmackDown at vengeance, so on SmackDown a 4 way between Stacy Keibler, Dawn Marie, Torrie Wilson and Nidia is made. Torrie wins the match and earned the right to challenge Trish at vengeance. Meanwhile on Raw, Molly continued to tirade against “divas” even challenging Terri Runnels to a bikini match. After losing, she brutally attacked Terri. However, Molly is chased off by Trish.
Match: Trish defeats Torrie in a pretty standard match. As Trish is walking up the ramp, Molly runs down and begins to attack Torrie. But Trish runs down to chase Molly off. Trish raises Torries hand in the air as Molly leaves.
Trish Stratus defeats Molly Holly
Build: following Vengeance, Torrie comes to raw for a match against Molly where she’s trying to get some revenge, but Molly beats her. Then on an episode of SmackDown, Trish teaming with Torrie is pinned by Molly and her partner Dawn Marie. Molly then is named as number one contender and claims she will end Trish as SummerSlam and regain class to the women’s division.
Match: Trish defeats Molly after just over 10 minutes, as Trish goes to leave and is celebrating with fans, but suddenly as she goes to shake a female fans hand, she looks shocked as if she’s seen a ghost. The fan pulls her into the barricade and begins beating her down. She then hops the barricade and keeps the onslaught going. Security run out and remove the mystery woman.
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2019.11.27 00:19 john14325 Rebook WWE Smackdown In 2004 part 2: The Great American Bash

WWE Champion: Eddie Guerrero
United States Champion: John Cena
Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero
Tag Team Champions: Dudley Boyz
Build to The Great American Bash 2004
GM Kurt Angle announces that Eddie Guerrero will defend his WWE Championship in an open challenge every week of Smackdown it’s open to everyone the Smackdown roster the Raw roster obviously if one of them wins they’d be required to sign with Smackdown someone from OVW WWE’s developmental territory at the time or even a local indie talent.
Chavo Guerrero is announced as the #1 contender for the Cruiserweight Championship Rey Mysterio comes out and challenges Chavo to a match if Rey wins he is added to the match at GAB, Chavo accepts. Rey wins the match and a triple threat elimination for the title is made for GAB we also play off the fact Mysterio challenged for his first Cruiserweight Title at GAB in 1996.
Charlie Haas beats RVD, JBL, Billy Gunn, Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Duprée to become #1 contender for the US Title at GAB he wants the prove he wasn’t the weak link of Team Angle and start his own path.
A few weeks before GAB, RVD answers Guerrero’s open challenge but is costed the match when JBL attacks him causing a DQ. JBL explains his attack saying RVD is everything is the anthesis of what a real American is he’s lazy he’s dangerous he’s a pot smoker and he should be no where near the WWE Championship JBL claims he’s doing his country a service RVD wants revenge and challenges him to a match at GAB.
Paul Heyman wants to destroy The Undertaker and challenges him to a 2 on 1 hardcore handicap match for the Tag Team Titles which Undertaker accepts. On the go home show before GAB The Dudleys and Heyman best Paul Bearer within an inch of his life and bury him alive.
Hardcore Holly has a non title match which John Cena and does an interview before the match putting over the young talent on Smackdown and says if anyone can get them to the next level it’s me. Hardcore loses the match against Cena and shakes his hand as a show of respect afterwards he is attacked by Billy Gunn who says that Hardcore is not the guy to do anything for anyone while he was doing stupid hardcore matches I was winning titles winning king of the ring wrestling with top guys Hardcore Holly is a joke and challenges him to a match at GAB.
Torrie Wilson challenges Sable to a match at Great American Bash to prove she is the better diva.
Johnny Nitro who years later was known as John Morrison makes his main roster debut answering Eddie’s open challenge and comes so close to winning the WWE Title he impresses Kurt Angle so much he offers him a Smackdown contract on the spot.
Booker T who wins his #1 contenders match at Judgement wants Eddie at GAB he claims that Eddie is just a big fish in a small pond when they were in WCW Eddie never even sniffed the main event he left because he couldn’t hang with the big boys while Booker became a 5 time WCW Champion.
The Great American Bash 2004
Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero vs Ultimo Dragon(c) elimination match for The Cruiserweight Championship
Dragon eliminates Guerrero after Mysterio does all the work. Mysterio and Dragon go 15 minutes and Dragon wins after Mysterio botches a 619 attempt.
Billy Gunn vs Hardcore Holly
Hardcore Holly wins since Gunn left the company just a few months later.
JBL attacks RVD from behind before the match even starts the match finally starts and JBL gets the win after 10 minutes.
John Cena(c) vs Charlie Haas United States Championship
Has and Cena go 20 minutes having a great match Haas almost pulls off the upset but Cena wins with an FU.
Sable vs Torrie Wilson
Torrie wins Sable angrily quits the company thank god. Torrie preforms a strip after the match.
Johnny Nitro contract signing Nitro signs with Smackdown and only will sign if his tag team partner from OVW Joey Mercury Angle agrees and Smackdown has a new tag team.
The Undertaker vs The Dudley Boyz(c) Two on one hardcore match for the Tag Team Championships
Dudleys retain hitting the 3-D on Undertaker through a table after interference from Paul Heyman. After the match they beat down Undertaker, Kane’s music hits he seems like hell attack Undertaker but attacks the Dudley and hits a choke slam on D-Von.
Eddie Guerrero(c) vs Booker T WWE Championship
Guerrero retains after a great 25 minute match Booker shakes his hand afterwards starting a face turn.
Hopefully this GAB is much better than the original GAB.
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2019.11.02 21:24 DGenerationMC Rebooking John Cena Pt. I: Word Life

Backlash 2003: John Cena def. Rey Mysterio in a WWE Championship Tournament Semifinal Match
Kurt Angle defeated Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Title in the main event of WrestleMania XIX but immediately relinquished it to undergo neck surgery. As a result, a tournament was made to crown the new champion. While facing an underdog himself, young John Cena was the ultimate underdog story, upsetting The Undertaker to make it to the PPV. Using the dirty tactics he was quickly becoming known for, the rapper-wrestler snuck past The Master of the 619 to make it to the finals. His opponent would be revealed in the other semifinal match later that night.
Judgment Day 2003: Brock Lesnar def. John Cena in a Street Fight to win the vacant WWE Championship
The Next Big Thing had enjoyed a lengthy WWE Title reign from the summer of 2002 to WrestleMania, drawing comparisons to Mike Tyson's dominant run in the late 80's. After losing to Angle, Brock showed respect and ditched his agent Paul Heyman when it was suggested Lesnar forego the tournament. This signaled a face turn but did not erase his sins of the past.
Before Mania, Lesnar injured a one-night tag partner on Smackdown out of frustration. That partner? John Cena. With the two men now on a collision course, the title match was now personal. Cena made perfect use of his steel padlock chain to soften Brock in the buildup but Lesnar prevailed to reclaim the championship in a bloody brawl.
Vengeance 2003: The Undertaker def. John Cena
Taker gets his win back from the tournament.
No Mercy 2003: John Cena def. Eddie Guerrero(c) to win the United States Championship
Cena wins his first singles title with help from Big Show, leaving The Doctor of Thuganomics very confused.
Survivor Series 2003: Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit & Los Guerreros) def. Team Show (Big Show, John Cena, A-Train & Nathan Jones) in a 4-on-4 Survivor Series SmackDown Elimination Match
Show helping Cena at No Mercy was later used as a bargaining chip to get the US Champ to join his SSeries team. Annoyed, Cena made it clear he didn't follow anybody's lead, putting him at odds with other teammates. Miscommunication between Cena and Show led to the giant being the last man standing on his team. Angle, Benoit and Eddie would then pick Show apart until a Frog Splash put him away. Cena simply pointed and laughed.
Royal Rumble 2004: Chris Benoit wins 30-man Royal Rumble Match for a World Championship Match at WrestleMania XX by last eliminating Big Show
Embarrassed by what had happened at SSeries, Show went on a tear in the Rumble, eliminating Cena before being the second runner-up.
No Way Out 2004: Big Show def. John Cena(c) to win the United States Championship
After four months of buildup, Show overwhelmed Cena to take the US Title.
WrestleMania XX: John Cena def. Big Show(c) to win the United States Championship
Cena learns from his mistakes of going head on at Show, picking his spots, frustrating his opponents with taunts and using his trusty chain to regain the championship on the grandest stage.
Judgment Day 2004: John Cena(c) def. Hardcore Holly to retain the United States Championship
With Kurt Angle now as Smackdown GM, butting heads with Cena was bound to happen. Bringing up how untraditional and disrespectful the US Champ was, Angle sicced gritty veteran Hardcore Holly to straight him out. Suffice to say, Bob's smashmouth style was not enough to shut Cena up.
Great American Bash 2004: John Cena(c) def. René Duprée (with Torrie Wilson) & Kenzo Suzuki (with Hiroko) in a Triple Threat Match to retain the United States Championship
The Angle-Cena relationship got worse as the two disagreed on what it meant to be an American. For Angle, Cena was too crass and not patriotic enough. For Cena, Angle was too wound up and desperate to show off how patriotic he was. To test the champ's meddle, GM Angle put Cena against two foreigners and their valets. Once again, Angle's plans had been foiled as Torrie betrayed Renee and neutralized Hiroko at ringside, allowing Cena to overcome his challengers. To celebrate, The Champ raised his title high and hugged Miss Wilson, who revealed her red, white and blue bikini underneath the outfit Renee had forced upon her.
SummerSlam 2004: John Cena(c) def. Kurt Angle (with Luther Reigns) in a Title vs. Job Match to retain the United States Championship
With help from Eddie Guerrero, a former champion Angle was also at odds with, Cena exposed how Angle had been faking his injuries. But, instead of firing Angle from his GM position, Mr. McMahon made a match with Cena, for the champion Angle felt Cena had disgraced and the position of power he held. Despite ring rust, Angle was able to outwrestle The Champ but couldn't keep him down. But, botched interference from his assistant Luther Reigns costs The Olympic Gold Medalist the title and his job, giving Cena the biggest win of his career so far.
No Mercy 2004: John Cena(c) def. Booker T in Final Match of the Best of Five Series to retain the United States Championship
With Angle out of the way, Cena's character would be questioned by veteran Booker T, who had been Smackdown's chief complainer since being drafted to the brand earlier in the year. Jealous of the rising star, Booker bashed Cena's white boy rapper persona and lack of experience compared to him. Doing everything he could to shut The Champ down mentally, Cena fired back and took ownership of his persona, accepting Booker's challenge to a Best-of-Five Series. Things had gotten serious as Cena was displayed true doubt for the first time as his trademark arrogance took a backseat to gritty determination.
Despite dropping the first two matches, Cena made a comeback using his in-ring and street smarts. At the PPV, Cena used all of the tools he'd learned and turned the 5x World Champion away from his championship. The Champ was on a hot streak but what came next would be cool.
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2019.07.26 00:26 DGenerationMC WCW as a Second WWF Brand Pt.3 (2002 - Familiar Faces Return)

Link to Bash at the Beach 2001:
Link to Part 1:
Link to Part 2:
Ric Flair returned just in time for Starrcade 2001. Dispelling rumors of his retirement, Naitch made it clear he was back in WCW to continue and preserve tradition as well as to earn that elusive 17th World Title. Crashing The Nature Boy's address would be The Extremists' leader, Raven. A battle of philosophies over the old guard needing to die and Flair needing to atone for his failings to keep WCW from being taken over in the past led to a grudge match at Starrcade. The affair was bloody and filled with interference from the returning Perry Saturn, who sided with Raven in blaming Flair for "blocking" his path to the top of WCW in the past. Fortunately, interim WCW President Arn Anderson defended his best friend and even nailed Raven with a spinebuster. In the end, Flair would defeat Raven in his return bout, showing he belonged in WCW.
The Cinderella run continued as Naitch upset former champion Booker T to earn a shot against The Giant at BATB 2002. Coming close but falling short, Flair lost but stayed in the ring for a standing ovation from the audience. Suddenly, Chris Jericho, who had been drafted to WCW despite not receiving a rematch for the WWE Title following WrestleMania 18, attacked Ric and left him in a pool of his own blood to end the PPV. Flair was not seen or heard from for months, deciding to return at Halloween Havoc, costing Y2J the World Title. Months of brawls led to a Strap Match at Starrcade 2002, where Jericho won. Despite the loss, 2002 had proven that The Nature Boy's legend was not dead yet.
It's Natural
When Flair needed a partner against Raven and Saturn, an old foe's son stepped up. At Starrcade 2001, vignettes began hyping up the return of what was assumed to be Goldust. But, instead of The Bizarre One, WCW saw the return of The Natural as 2002 began. Despite their history, Dustin worked well with Flair and the two shook hands, putting an end tto the Flair-Rhodes war that hearkened back to the 80s with Dustin's father, Dusty. In the spring, Dustin reached out to a down on his luck Booker T, who had gone into a slump since losing the World Title. Not wanting to affiliate with the off-kilter Rhodes, Booker tried and failed to defeat him at Spring Stampede. On a random episode of Nitro, the two would defeat The Impact Players for the tag titles and go on to become WCW's new odd couple, engaging in numerous comedy segments to show Booker's more humorous side.
Defeating the likes of The Impact Players, 3 Count and even The Outsiders, Booker and Dustin would eventually fall to Billy & Chuck. After failing to regain the titles, the two amicably split but hinted at reuniting in the future. Rhodes closed out 2002, defending America and the legacy of his father, The American Dream, teaming with Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman to shut up The Un-Americans in a six-man tag at Starrcade.
Vignettes of the three most destructive, controversial wrestlers in history appeared, announcing a return at Superbrawl 2002. The Giant had just defeated Booker T to retain his title in the main event. And then, the screen turned to a black and white tint. "Rockhouse" blasted through the speakers. Scott Hall sauntered out. Then Kevin Nash hit a stride behind him. After a long pause, Hollywood Hulk Hogan strolled out. All three wore nWo shirts, leaving The Giant's jaw on the floor alongside everyone else's. Hogan, Hall and Nash slowly entered the ring, coming in peace to celebrate with their old comrade. Superbrawl closed with the nWo posing as the World Champion looked on in annoyance. The following episode of Nitro saw Giant make it clear he was not interested in rejoining and warned the nWo to stay out of his way. Hogan feigned understating, Hall poked fun and Nash tried to start a fight. Not wanting a repeat of the 90's, Giant threw the first punch and fought off the trio, who ran away promising revenge. As they exited the arena, the nWo was sent off by the entire WCW roster, giving them a preview of what was to come if they stuck around.
Learning from this experience, nWo apparently "jumped" to WWF, targeting Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Kane. At first, it was assumed that a WCW invasion was occurring but Vince McMahon cleared things up, claiming the nWo were free agents testing the waters. And with that, it was announced the nWo were exclusive to WWF. Their WM debut saw Nash pick up a Bad Guy-assisted win over Kane, while Hogan lost a titanic once in a lifetime main event to Austin. Post-match saw Hulk tease saving Austin from a Outsiders beatdown, but remembering the middle fingers and disrespect minutes earlier, joined in to cement his heel status.
Hogan got his win back over Austin, pinning him at Backlash 2002 in a six-man. Things would come crashing down as the nWo turned on Hogan during his WWE Title match against Triple H. This led to be The Kliq having another curtain call, as The Outsiders and X-Pac left for WCW and Triple H reunited DX with Shawn Michaels, depriving The Hulkster of revenge and allowing him to set his sights on Mr. McMahon himself. The three remaining members of nWo tried to wreak havoc on WCW like it was 1996, but were driven out for good at Slamboree, losing a six-man tag against US Champion Rob Van Dam and WCW Tag Champs Booker T and Dustin Rhodes, where the titles were on the line along with the nWo's existence. With the loss, the WCW locker room once again saw the black and white off as The Giant chokeslammed all three (revenge for costing him the World Title against Jericho) before a mass celebration.
There are Others
Rey Mysterio returned in the summer of 2002, setting up a return bout against Chavo Guerrero at Bash at the Beach. To the surprise and delight of many, his trademark mask was back as well. Victorius, Rey Rey tusseled with Billy Kidman in a tense reunion but got on the same page in time for Starrcade. Kidman would turn at the start of 2003 to start a blood feud, which Mysterio would win. Capturing the US Title from Sean O'Haire only to drop it months later The Giant, Rey proved he can stand with bigger opponents before heading back to his old cruiserweight home, defeating Tajiri as 2004 began.
The Giant's dominant 2002 left him with a lack of challengers come November, so WCW's general manager looked outside the organization in hopes a former, yet unhinged World Champion could supply a real challenge. Shane McMahon, was against it, but the fans loved it. Scott Steiner returned at Mayhem 2002, nearly beating The Giant to reclaim the title he lost 19 months prior. The battle left both men bloodied and exhausted. A moment of desperation cost Steiner as his attempted lead piper attack opened him up to a chokeslam, dashing his championship comeback and Starrcade main event hopes. Not deterred, Steiner found an old rival in Booker T also in the dumps, prodding him for another round in their classic rivalry. In a match calling back to their decade-long feud, Steiner came out on top, making Booker pass out in the Steiner Recliner. That wouldn't be the last we see of Big Poppa Pump at Starrcade 2002. During a street fight to determine the authority of WCW going into 2003, Steiner attacked Shane McMahon, whom he had butted heads with since returning, costing him his power.
And who did Steiner help win?
Well, Eric Bischoff, of course.
Quick Starrcade 2002 Results
Matt Hardy (with Shannon Moore) def. Jamie Noble(c) (with Nidia), Tajiri & The Hurricane to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Tommy Dreamer(c) def. Raven (with Steven Richards) in a Loser Leaves WCW Match for the WCW Hardcore Championship
Scott Steiner (with Stacy Keibler) def. Booker T
Dustin Rhodes & The Filthy Animals (Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman) (with Torrie Wilson) def. The Un-Americans (Lance Storm, Christian & Test) (with William Regal) in a Six-Man Tag Team Match
Chris Jericho def. Ric Flair in a Strap Match
Sean O'Haire def. Rhyno(c) to win the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
Los Guerreros def. Billy & Chuck(c) (with Rico) to win the WCW World Tag Team Championship
Eric Bischoff def. Shane McMahon in a Street Fight to gain 100% control of WCW
Rob Van Dam def. The Giant(c) to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
With Eric Bischoff in full control, is war upon us? Is WCW ready for an invasion after only 18 months following their resurrection? We'll see in 2003.
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2019.07.23 02:41 DGenerationMC World Wrestling Federation Presents: WCW Bash at the Beach 2001

Backstory: What if the planned WCW brand had gone forward in 2001? Using 32 original members of The Alliance, this is a showcase of the beginning of WCW's resurrection as the former Turner property's annual summer extravaganza replaces the InVasion PPV. This means outside of an odd appearance by the likes of Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page and Lance Storm on WWF TV in the form of run-ins, no Alliance and no InVasion storyline.
Billy Kidman def. Shane Helms(c) to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship
Starting off a WCW PPV in the best way with the CW gold on the line. Feeling very confident in his claim to be the new King of the Cruisers, Shane taunts Kidman for his Cruiserweight Tag Titles being defunct and partner in Rey Mysterio, Jr. nowhere in sight. But that would prove to be Sugar Shane's downfall as his world comes crashing down, losing to a Shooting Star Star Press from a previous king. Visibly disappointed, Shane hesitates to shake hands but eventually does so, getting this new era of WCW off to a good start.
Kanyon def. Hugh Morrus in a WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match
Underhanded tactics allows Kanyon to advance.
Rob Van Dam def. Buff Bagwell in a WCW United States Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final Match
Buff's opponent was left a mystery going into the event. After cutting a promo about how great he is and how whoever came out would pale in comparison. Out came RVD, last seen in the final televised ECW match 6 months prior. Van Dam showed off all his trademark stuff with Bagwell briefly stopping him.
But, The Stuff simply could not deny Mr. PPV, with a Five-Star Frog Splash doing the trick in moving him to the finals. RVD would take in the crowd's cheers inside the ring while Buff backed up the ramp, cursing Rob and promising revenge.
The Natural Born Thrillers (Shawn Stasiak & Mark Jindrak) (with Mike Sanders) def. The Mamalukes (Johnny Stamboli & Reno)
Wanting to stick it to their former stablemates and current tag champs, Sanders would reunite with Stasiak and Jindrak to climb back up the tag ranks. In their way was another pair of former Thrillers. Following a well-timed distraction from Sanders, Stasiak and Jindrak's reunion proved to be a successful one.
Chavo Guerrero Jr. def. Jamie Knoble, Shannon Moore, Evan Karagias, Kaz Hayashi, Elix Skipper, Jimmy Yang, Jason Jett, Lash LeRoux & Kwee Wee in a Cruiserweight Open to determine the #1 Contender to the WCW Cruiserweight Championship
More cruiserweight action to fit more talent on the card. Kwee does a comedy spot, leading to him being the first elimination. The Jung Dragons made a couple of eliminations together but was tossed out after squaring off with their former 3 Count foes, Moore and Karagias.
2/3's of 3 Count continued their teamwork, causing Knoble and Chavo to form a fragile alliance, which worked. Chavo had a mini-match with Knoble, where the former champion got one over on the very game redneck. With Sugar Shane out as champion, Guerrero was confident he could reclaim his throne as king of the cruisers and become champ again.
Torrie Wilson def. Stacy Keibler in a Bra and Panties Match with David Flair as Special Guest Referee
WCW's two premiere starlets had a catfight for all to enjoy as fans were treated to a cool down match. A man with a romantic history with both women, David, somehow managed to become special referee and had plenty of fun toying with Stacy and Torrie.
In the end, Torrie won as Flair tried to put the moves on her, disregarding Keibler as a loser. Both women realized the game being played and put their differences aside, low blowing David and stomping him out, opting to leave together in their skivvies.
Rob Van Dam def. Kanyon to win the vacant WCW United States Heavyweight Championship
RVD had a tougher time with Kanyon, due to the latter's more intense in-ring style compared to Buff Bagwell's over-the-top showmanship. Van Dam would claw his way to a dominant position and prepare to nail his second Frog Splash of the night. This wouldn't go as planned due to Bagwell running down and pushing him off the top rope. Fans prepared for a screwjob but didn't see Tommy Dreamer emerged from the crowd, blasting Buff with a steel chair at ringside. With the referee stuck with handling Dreamer and Bagwell, he couldn't see Kanyon grab the chair, waiting for RVD to rise and get his head taken off.
Van Daminator!
But, it would be Kanyon's head get bashed with the chair as Van Dam's reflexes allowed him to nail a Van Daminator. Chants of ECW fill the arena while Rob kicks thee chair away, hiding the evidence. Five-Star Frog Splash is performed and the 3 count crowns The Whole Dam Show WCW US Champion on his first night in the company. RVD and Dreamer celebrating, leaving commentary to wonder whether or not more extremists could be on their way to WCW.
Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo(c) def. Team Canada (Lance Storm & Mike Awesome) to retain the WCW World Tag Team Championship
The rookies' tag reign continued due to miscommunication from Team Canada. Just like their initial encounter on the "final" Nitro, Awesome would be pinned following a Superkick/Senton Bomb combo. Post-match sees Storm lambaste Awsome for dropping the ball yet again, saying he is unworthy to wear the same Canadian colors like him. With his buttons pushed, Awesome almost snaps but opts to do nothing. The crowd wants Mike to Awesome Bomb Storm through the ring and are disappointed when they don't get it.
Booker T(c) def. Diamond Dallas Page to retain the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
The two biggest stars and flagbearers left from the original WCW tear the house down for 20 minutes. Perhaps Page's age has started to catch up with him as a fatal late match mistake led to Booker reversing the Diamond Cutter and hitting the Scissors Kick to retain his championship. Unlike the first match of the night, there was no hesitation in sportsmanship as Booker helped DDP up and they embraced, showing a passing of the torch. New WCW Owner Shane McMahon came down and raised both men's hands, symbolizing a new chapter for World Championship Wrestling. The World Champion is left the ring so he can soak in the moment.
Things get tense as the new US Champ Rob Van Dam and his ally Tommy Dreamer slowly saunter to the ring, sarcastically clapping for Book. The two champs share an intense staredown, while Dreamer and DDP do the same. Shane, not wanting the first big show to end ugly, steps in-between the pairs to get cooler heads to prevail. Surprisingly it works rather quickly as the extremists back off.
Shane is laid out, rolling to the outside. Booker and DDP see the assailant to be the final ECW Champion Rhyno, who happens to be a current WWF superstar. RVD and Dreamer look on in shock as they clearly didn't expect their old foe to be here. Rhyno stands in the corner menacingly with Booker and DDP suspiciously listening to the newest WCW signees plead their case.
DDP is taken down by a singapore cane shot that was Justin Credible. Booker finally realizes what is happening, opting to fight four men by himself. While valiant, he is beaten to a bloody pulp until Van Dam prepares to put him through a table with the night's third Frog Splash. It is then that babyfaces like Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Billy Kidman and Hugh Morrus pour out from the locker room, chasing Van Dam, Dreamer, Rhyno and Credible into the crowd. In the midst of the chaos, Shane is helped to the back by Torrie and Stacy, whilst Page checks on Booker before hobbling into the crowd to join his WCW brothers in the chase. The World Champion slowly rises in agony. A somewhat familiar grungy figure helps Booker up.
Once again Booker T finds himself unconscious, flat on his back. The figure flips his hair back to reveal his face. Said man grabs their champion's bloody face and wipes his white Pearl Jam shirt, leaving red fingerprints all over.
"Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!"
Booker is left a broken mess as the fans fill the ring with garbage aimed at the attacker, who raises the World Title before tossing it onto the champ, letting out a sick cackle. Show fades to black as Raven has returned to World Championship Wrestling, as he is chased into the crowd by a different, group of the WCW locker room, this time heels, including Mike Awesome, Lance Storm, Kanyon and Buff Bagwell. Things in the new WCW have gotten extreme.
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2019.07.23 01:33 SiphenPrax WWE Megathread: July 22-24

Extreme Rules is officially in the books! Here's what you need to know:
At Extreme Rules, Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins retained their RAW Women's Championship and Universal Championship, respectively, against Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin. Well, temporarily, in Seth's case. During the match, Baron hit Becky with an End of Days, taking her out of commission. Seth, in an unmitigated rage, beat the hell out of Baron and delivered three curb stomps to pin him. But Seth let his emotions get in the way, as Brock Lesnar cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and, with Becky out of the picture, hit an F5 on Seth and pinned him to become the new Universal Champion. Meanwhile, despite the 2 on 1 odds against her, Bayley successfully retained her Smackdown Women's Championship against Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss in a handicap match after she pinned Nikki with a flying elbow.
On RAW, with no clear number one contender to Becky Lynch's RAW women's title, WWE set up a fatal-4-way elimination match between Natalya, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, and Carmella with the winner getting to face Becky at Summerslam. Carmella was eliminated first by Alexa, then Naomi was eliminated by Natalya, and finally, Alexa was eliminated by Natalya, giving Natalya the win and a date with Becky at Summerslam in her home country. Alexa, probably not happy that she lost this match, has scheduled a new edition of A Moment of Bliss for RAW this week to completely expose Becky.
On Smackdown, Ember Moon brought out her partner to face Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. It turned out to be none other than Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley. They quickly defeated Mandy and Sonya and then Kayla Braxton interviewed Bayley in the ring. Bayley was happy that her feud with Alexa Bliss was finally over and that she can now focus on building up the Smackdown Women's Division by facing different opponents on the roster. She decided to pick her Summerslam opponent right there and decided it would be none other than Ember Moon herself. Ember Moon accepted and now the match is on for Summerslam. Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair returned to Smackdown after a lengthy absence and Liv Morgan finally debuted on the blue brand. Both of them immediately got into an argument during Shane McMahon's town hall meeting at the beginning of the show. That led to a match between the two later on in the show where Charlotte easily submitted Liv with the Figure Eight. Liv went on the commentator's mic after the match and proclaimed that she's going to be real. And now, with both Ember and Charlotte having momentum, WWE announced over the weekend a singles match between Ember and Charlotte for Smackdown this week. Finally, the IIconics defeated the Kabuki Warriors for the Women's Tag-Team Championships after the IIconics intentionally counted themselves out. The Kabuki Warriors were obviously not happy at all about this and so they proceded to beat up the IIconics, which ended with Kairi Sane giving an Insane Elbow to Billie Kay.
Also, on both RAW and Smackdown, the Carmella/R-Truth saga continues as she continues to help R-Truth defend his 24/7 Championship.
AND ALSO BESIDES THAT, the RAW Reunion episode is this week, and it will feature the return of many former WWE female talent from the past. The talent that is scheduled to be there is Alundra Blayze, Melina, Eve Torres, Kaitlyn, Jillian Hall, Lillian Garcia, Candice Michelle, Kelly Kelly, and Alicia Fox (even though she's currently a member of the RAW Women's Division).
On NXT, there was cell phone footage shown of Mia Yim attacking Marina Shafir in the parking lot. Meanwhile, a video package aired of Io Shirai turning heel and it led to a match being announced for this week between Io Shirai and Kacy Catanzaro.
Finally, on NXT UK, Toni Storm called out Kay Lee Ray, believing that she was a best friend to her who helped her move to the UK and is now sick of the mind games she's been playing. KLR came out and teased that she wanted to face Toni now, but instead said that she was going to force Toni to wait until NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff to face her. She said, until then, she would make Toni's life a living hell. Sid Scala then immediately mentioned, following the segment, that this didn't mean Toni and KLR wouldn't be in action until then and announced that Toni would team up with Piper Niven and Xia Brookside, while KLR would team up with Jinny and Jazzy Gabert, with both teams facing each other in a six-woman tag-team match this week. Jinny, meanwhile, already got the head start on Xia and beat her in a singles match with Jazzy standing by at ringside.
The previous megathread can be found here
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2019.07.03 16:58 WWE_Network_Bot This Day in History: 07/03/2019

The following events happened on this day in history!
What event was your favorite in this list?
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2019.06.28 09:19 RwF619 Wrestlemania 19 is such a great show, especially since on paper it sounds like an absolute disaster.

So, Wrestlemania 19 is undoubtedly my favourite Wrestlemanias ever and one of my favourite wrestling events of all time, and I think a lot of people agree with that sentiment. I do however think that the level of greatness this show reached is absolutely extraordinary, given the various circumstances that could have made it an absolute disaster. Let's run through some of them, shall we?
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2019.06.24 18:11 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jul. 9, 2001

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-1-2001 1-8-2001 1-15-2001 1-22-2001
1-29-2001 2-5-2001 2-12-2001 2-19-2001
2-26-2001 3-5-2001 3-12-2001 3-19-2001
3-26-2001 4-2-2001 4-9-2001 4-16-2001
4-23-2001 4-30-2001 5-7-2001 5-14-2001
5-21-2001 5-28-2001 6-4-2001 6-11-2001
6-18-2001 6-25-2001 7-2-2001
  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and the first impression of the new WCW was downright awful, to the point that everything is now being reevaluated. Dave calls this WWF vs. WCW storyline "the most important angle in the history of the business" and it kicked off last week on Raw with a Booker T vs. Buff Bagwell main event under the "WCW" banner and holy shit it was bad. Bagwell was terrible and Booker T wasn't much better. The crowd loudly chanted "boring" and "this match sucks" and "Goldberg!" through the whole thing while booing both wrestlers. A large portion of the crowd was streaming towards the exits as the show went on. Fans booed Shane McMahon. They booed the new lighting and look of WCW (which, as of now, is still expected to take over the Raw time slot, but after this fiasco, who knows). Austin and Angle, the top heels in WWF, got a massive face pop for their run-in and attack on Booker T. Dave thinks WWF fans spent too many years seeing WCW as the real life enemy of their fake pro wrestling world and WWF fans simply aren't ready to embrace WCW Raw. They've had months to plan this but the whole thing felt thrown together.
WATCH: Buff Bagwell vs. Booker T - WCW Raw, 2001
  • Dave notes that former ECW announcer Joey Styles was previously in talks to be the new WCW announcer but those talks fell through over money shortly before Raw and so WWF scrambled and brought in Scott Hudson to do the commentary gig on Raw. Hudson has already started a new full-time job outside of wrestling and told WWF he couldn't accept the announcing position full-time but was willing to come in for the first few shows since they were in a jam and needed someone ASAP for Raw. Hudson's broadcast partner was supposed to be.....Jerry Lawler. Both sides had agreed for Lawler to return, but then it somehow fell through. According to Lawler, he and Hudson were supposed to be be revealed as the new WCW commentary team and Lawler's wife Stacy Carter would accompany him to ringside. But after the agreement was made, Lawler claims WWF called him the next day and said Vince McMahon wanted to make it clear that they still weren't bringing Stacy back other than this one time, agreed-upon appearance. At that point, Lawler pulled out of the deal. WWF's story is a bit different, saying they had an agreement with Lawler to come in and then he tried to change things and force them to hire Stacy back also and there's a lot of heat on Lawler for the deal falling apart. So anyway, with literally no one else available on short notice, that's how Scott Hudson and Arn Anderson ended up doing commentary for the disastrous Raw main event. Anderson, despite being a great talker, has no experience calling wrestling matches and considering how bad the match was and how much the crowd was rejecting it, the announcing came off bad. Hudson impressed a lot of people backstage with his enthusiasm and his eagerness to do a good job and he was the only bright spot of the whole mess. Beyond that, this entire thing was just a disaster.
  • As for future WCW plans, there's still consideration of bringing in Mike Tenay for the announcing spot. Former WCW referees Nick Patrick, Charles Robinson, and Billy Silverman were all hired (Patrick debuted on Raw). Several former WCW stars were backstage but have yet to debut on TV (Chavo Guerrero Jr., Shane Helms, Shawn Stasiak, Mark Jindrak, Chris Kanyon and Billy Kidman among others). Unless this flop of a match changes things, the plan is still for the Monday show to become WCW Raw within the next few weeks (the flop of a match indeed changes things).
READ: Raw is WCW: The most awkward match ever -
  • WWF's annual business report is out and it's interesting. Despite WWF's monumental success, the latest quarter numbers for 2001 made it the first money-losing quarter for WWF since 1997 and it was also the biggest losing quarter in WWF history. All of this is due to the massive losses from the XFL. WWF lost $20.4 million for the quarter. Dave goes into more boring financial details. Live event numbers, merch numbers, home video numbers, etc. All-told, the XFL lost almost $94 million during its one season of existence. Half of that was eaten by NBC, but still. So yeah, the XFL tanked their profits for the year, but the wrestling numbers are still strong. In fact, even factoring in the XFL numbers, the WWF still had a total profit of almost $16 million on the year, which is still double the profit margin of any of the Hulk Hogan-era 1980s golden years. They also talked about plans to operate WCW as a separate full-time touring brand and how that's expected to increase income next year, along with 4-7 additional WCW branded PPVs (with the first one scheduled for October) and so on and so forth. Of course, we know how that all turns out.
  • During a conference call with investors during the business report, Linda McMahon said some interesting things. She talked about Smackdown planning to run live shows on Thursday later this year (rather than taping it on Tuesdays). She also said that by going live, it will prevent internet sites from posting the results ahead of time and claimed that was the reason for the decline of Smackdown's ratings. Dave argues that websites have been posting Smackdown spoilers since day 1, it's not a new phenomenon and it doesn't explain the very sudden drop in ratings that just started recently.
  • A really interesting note from the report is just how much WWF paid for WCW. There's no exact numbers, but it appears WWF bought the company for a shockingly low price. During the dying days of WCW, Bischoff and Fusient had offered $48.3 million, while Jerry Jarrett and some investors he was working with offered $25 million. Both Bischoff and Jarrett pulled their offers when AOL/Time Warner made the decision to cancel WCW television. At that point, WCW wasn't worth anything to anybody except Vince McMahon. In the end, McMahon appears to have bought WCW for somewhere around $4.5 million, which is incomprehensible for a company that was once worth hundreds of millions. Dave thinks that just the tape library alone would be a steal at $4.5 million, not even counting the name and trademarks, the wrestler contracts, etc. that came with it. The actual price WWF paid for WCW is less than the 2 years Goldberg has left on his contract. Dave is flabbergasted that they got it this cheap and says it looks like AOL/Time Warner practically gave the company away just to hurry up and get it off their hands. (If I remember correctly, the actual deal was WWF paid $2.5 million in cash and also agreed to spend another $2 million to buy advertising on Turner networks, which is where the $4.5 total comes from).
  • InDemand PPV announced that it has signed an agreement with UFC which will see UFC return to PPV for the first time (from a cable provider) since 1997 (the shows have still been available for those with DirecTV satellites but that's only a fraction of the PPV audience compared to cable). This news is the biggest thing for UFC since Zuffa bought them and greatly increases the number of homes that can now order UFC PPVs. Dave talks about how successful UFC was on PPV before they were banned, so this is huge for them. The first new PPV is scheduled to be the Sept. show, which they're already planning to promote as the "rebirth" of UFC. Speaking of, Dave also reviews the latest UFC 32 show.
  • OVW held its latest big show called "Last Dance." It was the final event ever at the Louisville Gardens, which is closing or something I guess. Several WWF stars were scheduled to be part of it but a couple of them had to pull out. Mick Foley had to back out to go to England to do commentary for a new TNN show called Robot Wars: Extreme Warriors, while Kurt Angle had to pull out due to injury. Kane, and DDP went in their places. The original main event of Undertaker vs. Leviathan was changed to UndertakeKane vs. Leviathan/DDP. OVW champion Flash Flannigan beat Chris Jericho to retain the title and "prove to Jim Ross that he deserves a WWF contract" in storyline. Big Show and Mark Henry teamed up to beat Prototype and Mr. Black. Randy Orton beat Rico Constantino. Orton had his father Bob Orton in his corner. Brock Lesnar teamed with Brian Keck (since Shelton Benjamin is injured) and they defeated Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko. Dave thinks this is a sign of how much things have changed. Even though it's their developmental territory, there's no chance in hell just a few years ago that WWF would have let a genuine star like Chris Jericho lose to the local talent at an indie show.
WATCH: Flash Flannigan vs. Chris Jericho - OVW 2001
WATCH: UndertakeKane vs. Leviathan/DDP - OVW 2001
  • Various Mexico notes: Konnan returned to Mexico to work a show for the first time since his WCW contract expired and drew a pretty big crowd to a show in Tijuana. AAA head Antonio Pena complained to athletic commission members and even the state Secretary of the Interior to try to keep Konnan from being allowed to wrestle. Dave talks about how those 2 have a longstanding hatred of each other, a total Vince McMahon/Bret Hart-type of relationship (but more petty) where neither of them can seem to let go of their dumb past beef with each other. Anyway, Norman Smiley also returned to Mexico because his WCW deal just expired as well. He went under his old Black Magic gimmick. And Dave mentions offhandedly that the 2 biggest draws in Mexico right now are El Hijo del Santo and La Parka.
  • Dave reviews the Keiji Muto vs. Genichiro Tenryu match from a couple weeks ago. It's the match where Muto, an NJPW star, won the AJPW Triple Crown title. People called it the best match of the year. Dave doesn't quite go that far but it was close. Tenryu is 51 and held his own but Muto (in his 40s) was the star of the show. It's not so much his moves or athleticism but more about knowing how to work the crowd, how to switch gears when it's time, his selling, his body language, etc. Dave thinks every young wrestler needs to watch this match to see how Muto is able to get so much more out of doing so much less. Dave thinks it will still win MOTY in Japan because of the historic nature of it. Muto being handed the 3 belts of the AJPW Triple Crown was one of those historic scenes that will probably be replayed for years to come and the reaction from the fans was incredible. Dave gives it 4.5 stars. The plan was for Muto to drop the title back to Kawada later this month, but AJPW seems to be second-guessing that now because Muto's win got over so strong. So he may hold the title for awhile (yeah he holds it for the rest of 2001 before losing it to Kawada in 2002, only for Kawada to have to vacate it due to a knee injury a month later).
WATCH: Keiji Muto vs. Genichiro Tenryu - AJPW 2001
  • All of the women's promotions in Japan are interested in bringing in Chyna. She's actually kind of a big star there because the woman vs. man gimmick is a real big novelty in Japan. So her winning the IC title or being in the Royal Rumble...that stuff always got big coverage in Japan, for more than most WWF stuff does. Either way, Chyna is having to sit out the rest of her WWF contract so she won't be available until December and it's thought that she'll probably want more money than most of those companies can afford (she ends up working a dozen matches or so for NJPW in 2002 but that's it).
  • Ric Flair still has 20 months left on his Time Warner contract. His attitude right now is essentially, if things work out and he's able to get back into wrestling, cool. And if not, he's satisfied and he's had a great career (lol no. Flair will be in WWF before the end of this year).
  • Sports Illustrated had an article about Wahoo McDaniel, covering his wrestling and football careers and talking about how he's in need of a kidney transplant and things like that. He talked about the money he made in wrestling and football and how wrestling was tougher than anything he did on the football field.
  • Various other notes: Superstar Billy Graham is suffering from Hepatitis C which has slowed him down on writing his autobiography that he's been talking about for years. Bobby Heenan is also working on an autobiography and Dave thinks that if Bobby can write stories as hilariously as he can tell them, it should be a classic (it came out in 2002 but I never read it so I don't how good it is). And finally, remember that story last week about wrestler Jack Evans in Canada getting injured on a hurricanrana gone wrong by Nattie Neidhart? Turns out that was a work, he was fine.
  • Remember Dusty Rhodes is running his own promotion in GA called Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling? Well he is. Anyway, this week's show was headlined by Dusty (age 55) vs. Larry Zybyszko (age 47). Dusty's youngest son Cody made his debut as a referee on this show (Cody was still a teenager in high school at this time and sadly, I can't find video of this).
  • Hollie Adkisson, the 16-year-old daughter of Kerry Von Erich, will be a contestant in the Miss Teen Texas beauty pageant. She regularly speaks at schools and other events about drug use, openly talking about how it led to the death of her father and uncles. She's also the first member of the Von Erich family to admit publicly that David Von Erich died of a drug overdose, which they've always tried to hide and attribute to other causes even though nobody really ever bought it (Hollie never got involved in wrestling but Kerry's other daughter Lacey spent some time in TNA a few years later).
  • Chris Benoit underwent neck surgery last week in San Antonio by the same surgeon who operated on Steve Austin. The surgery was more extensive than first thought. Benoit will be out of action until at least January or February. Benoit felt great coming out of the surgery, saying he felt no pain and had full flexibility of his arm again. They removed two damaged discs from Benoit's neck and replaced them with a piece of bone taken from his pelvic area. And in the most depressing sentence I've ever read, Dave writes that, at least Benoit "will get to spend time at home watching his son grow up" while he recovers. Ugh. Anyway, they had a segment on Sunday Night Heat talking about the surgery and his wife Nancy was shown with Benoit as he talked about the injury. They blamed it on Steve Austin at King of the Ring for storyline purposes but in reality, the injury was an accumulation of years of doing diving headbutts and shit like that. Harley Race, who popularized that move, has been telling Benoit for years to stop doing it because of the damage he did to his own neck. On TV, they said Benoit won't be able to return for a year, but word is that's just the kayfabe timeline so that his sooner return will be more of a surprise (nope. He really did miss an entire year).
WATCH: Surgery update on Chris Benoit - 2001
  • Kurt Angle is banged up but his test results for everything came back negative so he's just resting up for a bit but should be back in the ring soon. He does have a meniscus tear in his knee and will eventually need arthroscopic surgery but he's just working through it for now. Steve Austin, on the other hand, may be out a little longer. His back is in rough shape and he's been in a lot of pain.
  • Rob Van Dam has officially signed with WWF. He hasn't completed his physical yet so he isn't licensed to wrestle yet but that should be taken care of soon and he should debut in the next couple of weeks. Tommy Dreamer hasn't signed yet but is expected to by the time you read this (well shit, it's 2019, I should hope so...).
  • Notes from Raw: Kane, Undertaker, and even Taker's wife Sara all beat up on DDP, continuing the utter burial of him since the day he showed up. Torrie Wilson and Vince kept trying to find places to make out during the show but kept getting interrupted and Dave thinks it got creepier by the segment. The backstage interaction with Kurt Angle and Steve Austin was, once again, hilarious. And then, of course, the huge flop of the WCW main event.
  • A lot of WCW wrestlers were brought in every day last week to Stamford to train in WWF rings, which are larger and have different ropes than the WCW rings they're all used to (we'll hear more on these training sessions in just a moment...).
  • Dave musings on the most recent episodes of OVW TV he's seen: Rico Constantino is main roster ready and most in WWF agree. But he's pushing 40 so his age works against him and he's also small by WWF standards. Being small isn't an automatic killer in WWF like it used to but you usually have to be a hell of a talent to overcome it (Angle, Benoit, Guerrero, etc.) and while Rico's ready for the big stage, he's not that good. Leviathan is growing his hair out which makes him look more like a generic bodybuilder rather than the demon gimmick he's supposed to be.
  • Lots of interesting dynamics going on in the WWF locker room lately. As you might expect, a lot of the WCW guys are still seen as outsiders and there's some hard feelings going on. It's said that a lot of the younger WCW guys in particular have no grasp of locker room etiquette or how to conduct themselves and walk round acting cocky. Buff Bagwell in particular already had lots of enemies and a bad reputation before he even arrived. Bagwell was one of the ones brought to Stamford to train in the new rings and he was late to every single session and also arrived late for a house show in Spokane, which was his first match in the company (the disastrous Raw match the next night was his 2nd, and turns out to be his last). Bagwell also got into an altercation with Shane Helms during one of the training sessions. The 2 got into an argument and Bagwell slapped Helms, who responded by throwing a water bottle at Bagwell and blasting him in the face with it, which left Bagwell bleeding and requiring stitches. Dave says WCW had a reputation for having no discipline or consequences for misbehavior, but that shit don't fly in WWF (yeah, Bagwell finds that out pretty quick). There was also heat on Booker T because they felt he didn't protect Austin during his run-in at the PPV where he threw Austin over the table, which caused Austin to injure his hand. And also because Booker didn't wait at gorilla to check on Austin after the match, instead leaving the arena without talking to him (Booker has spoken about this since and it was pretty much just a misunderstanding).
  • On the show Extra this week, they had the woman who does make-up for Playboy and she claimed her best work ever was with Chyna. Then, as an example of how good this make-up artist allegedly is, they showed a pic of Chyna in Playboy next to a "before" picture of her from 1998, before she had all the facial surgery and lost the muscle mass. Dave thinks that's a pretty unfair, shitty, and mean-spirited comparison.
  • David Flair signed a developmental deal and will start in OVW making $500 per week which is a whole lot less than he was making in WCW.
WEDNESDAY: WCW plans scrapped, ECW joins the Invasion angle, more Jerry LawleWWF news, Buff Bagwell fired, and more...
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2019.01.26 16:01 DenzRomanoff How WWE Should Have Booked: The Ruthless Aggression Era - January 2002 - Road to The Rumble (Smackdown)

Felt the need to fill in the blanks between the Raws with brief summary of the two Smackdowns
Smackdown Jan 10th
Video package of Triple H’s recovery opens the show
Christian & Lance Storm vs The Hardys. The Hardy’s go over after a long tag match, Matt pinning Christian.
Afterwards Storm and Christian bemoan their lack of success backstage, Scotty 2 Hotty is launched out of a locker room they just walked past with Test stepping over him. Christian says he has a brilliant idea.
Trish Stratus is interviewed backstage by Lilian Garcia, mid interview Jazz attacks her and the women’s lockerroom have to separate them.
Booker T beats RVD to gain some momentum going into the rumble.
Big Show confronts Angle over his attack on Flair, McMahon books them to face off in the main event.
Bradshaw beats Test after Spike and Tazz interfere for costing them the tag titles. Backstage the Dudley’s confront them but stake their hands for having “Guts”. A frustrated Test is approached by Storm and Christian to form an allance.
Jericho defeats Rikishi in a non title match, afterwards he cuts a promo complaining that nobody is taking him seriously and continues to attack Rikishi after the bell. Rock comes out to make the save only to be clocked with a chair, Jericho stands tall and asks Madison Square garden if they smell what Y2J is cooking.
Jazz beats Jaqueline in a quick squash to put her over going into Rumble.
Regal beats Farooq after help from Christian & Lance Storm.
Tajiri w/ Torrie Wilson retained his cruiserweight title vs Hurricane w/ Mighty Molly
Austin has a sit down interview with JR discussing Royal Rumble and how he aims to win it for a 4th time. Undertaker enters and says how disrespectful it is to assume Austin is the favorite.
Big Show beats Kurt Angle via DQ, after the match Angle Olympic slams big show through the announce table and declares he will win the rumble and mimicks Flair’s “Woo”. Triple H’s music plays and he stares down Angle, Michael Cole refers to HHH as THE wildcard in all of this.
Smackdown Jan 17th
Just 72 hours before the rumble. Several of the big names in the rumble are seen backstage warming up, stretching, pacing up and down or tensely sitting down in preparation. The Rock’s music plays to a huge pop for our opening segment.
The Rock addresses the end of Raw, calling out HHH for his actions. Triple H shows on the monitor and says he let all the doubters get to his head, that he and rock may have history but it’s the past, rock was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rock is having none of it and wants him to get his “jabroni ass” down to this ring. Takers music plays and he comes down, Rock mocks Taker for being the “Silent partner” in all of this. Vince McMahon’s music plays to a chorus of boos, flanked by Booker T and Angle. Vince, channelling his inner Teddy Long announces a massive 6 man tag, Booker T, Angle and Undertaker VS Austin, HHH and Rock. Michael Cole questions whether the later 3 will get along.
Lance Storm defeated Hardcore Holly with help from Test & Christian. Regal was not at ringside.
Backstage, Regal leaves McMahons office and is questioned by Christian, Storm and Test, Regal says he cannot speak about it yet but says there may be bright days ahead.
Spike Dudley beats Hurricane, after the match Mighty Molly suggests maybe he would be her side kick after she wins the women’s title on Sunday.
Edge beats Steven Richards, after match he is again jumped by Regal, Edge gets the upper hand before Test boots him into tomorrow. Richards gets a beating too, the unamericans hold the upside down flag for the first time.
There is an over the top row challenge which is won by Kane who last eliminate RVD. During this, the Hardys continue to squabble after a miscommunication leads to both men being eliminated.
Dudley Boyz beat Albert and Scotty 2 hotty, after match they 3-D Albert through a table, kayfabe injuring Albert putting him on the shelf for a short periods of time. They look to do the same to Scotty 2 Hotty before APA make the save.
Big Show is invited to speak with McMahon but refuses, declaring his respect for Ric Flair. He is then jumped by the unamericans.
Main event ends in a predictable no contest, Jericho, conspicuous by his absence, joined the melee after the bell but eventually eats a finisher off all the faces. Angle gets to hit n Olympic slam on Austin only to be pedigreed by HHH. After he rock bottoms Booker T, The Rock turns round to face HHH who hints at hitting Rock but instead they have a stare off to close the show with Undertaker walking backwards up the ramp. Based on not cheap-shoting the rock, Cole questions whether HHH truly has changed.
Up next, the Rumble,
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Trish Stratus & Ashley Massaro vs. Torrie Wilson ... Royal Rumble Through The Years [2003]: Torrie Wilson Vs Dawn Marie Ashley & Trish get payback against Torrie, Victoria ... WWE Wedding: Torrie Wilson Gets Married - WWE Hall Of Famer Torrie Wilson Married Torrie Wilson sexiest and Hottest Bikini Moments WWE Hottie Torrie Wilson I Don't Believe Stacy Keibler is Dating Clooney!  TMZ YouTube Torrie Wilson vs Nidia SD September 26, 2002 - YouTube Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler Bikini Contest

Who is Torrie Wilson dating? Torrie Wilson boyfriend, husband

  1. Trish Stratus & Ashley Massaro vs. Torrie Wilson ...
  2. Royal Rumble Through The Years [2003]: Torrie Wilson Vs Dawn Marie
  3. Ashley & Trish get payback against Torrie, Victoria ...
  4. WWE Wedding: Torrie Wilson Gets Married - WWE Hall Of Famer Torrie Wilson Married
  5. Torrie Wilson sexiest and Hottest Bikini Moments
  6. WWE Hottie Torrie Wilson I Don't Believe Stacy Keibler is Dating Clooney! TMZ
  7. YouTube
  8. Torrie Wilson vs Nidia SD September 26, 2002 - YouTube
  9. Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler Bikini Contest

Ashley Massaro gets some back-up against Torrie Wilson, Victoria & Candice Michelle in the form of Trish Stratus. GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE:... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Torrie Wilson & Dawn Marie vs Fabulous Moolah & Mae Young _September 23, 2004 HD - Duration: ... Braun Strowman’s surprising tag partners: WWE Top 10, May 20, 2020 - Duration: 7:12. WWE Hall of Fame inductee Torrie Wilson has tied the knot with her partner Justin Tupper. Wilson, 44, married Tupper, the CEO of Revolution Golf, at a private ceremony in Sedona, Arizona, which ... Torrie Wilson vs Nidia SD September 26, 2002 WWE,WWE Raw,WWE SmackDown,John Cena,The Undertaker,Kane (wrestler),Edge (wrestler),Christian (wrestler),Randy Or... Torrie Wilson Royal Rumble 2018 Entrance Return LIVE REACTION IN PHILLY ARENA!!! ... Braun Strowman’s surprising tag partners: WWE Top 10, May 20, 2020 - Duration: 7:12. Stacy Keibler's former WWE wrestling partner Torrie Wilson was shocked when we told her that Stacy is now dating George Clooney ... telling TMZ she simply doesn't believe it. FULL MATCH - John Cena vs. Edge vs. Randy Orton vs. Sheamus – WWE Title Match: WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010 - Duration: 19:52. WWE 2,074,835 views Trish Stratus & Ashley Massaro go up against The Ladies in Pink at WWE Unforgiven in 2005. GET YOUR 1st MONTH of WWE NETWORK for FREE: